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As the network administrator for Centralia School District, I’d like to respond to many incorrect facts and negative information regarding our upcoming “renewal” of our operations levy. 

Although I live in Chehalis, I consider myself an employee of all Centralia families, and hold my actions and influence regarding IT matters ultimately accountable to you. 

This upcoming vote has “nothing” to do with the construction levy that was passed several years ago. I’m impressed and honored by the community’s support and equally amazed by the facilities that resulted. If you haven’t had a chance to see these, please do! 

You’ll see no “fluff” and great decisions made for educational opportunities for our staff and students. This levy in question is an “operations” levy that has nothing to do with either teacher salaries, recent politics or the construction bond mentioned above. Here’s the deal. 

You have been supporting our ongoing operations for years; by voting yes you say “let’s continue that” with no increase in your current property taxes. By voting no, you choose a very marginal decrease in your current taxes. Is the upcoming deficit and reduction of services worth that?


John Murray


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You got a roughly 25% raise in revenue thanks to the county assessor magically increasing everyone's assessed property value from one year to the next. Here's the deal. I don't "deal" with public servants. Yes, I'll take every single reduction in cost of living I can get, starting with school electives for other people's kids. Reduce services. Go ahead. They are not necessary services.


Your taxes do not go up at the same rate as your assessed value. This is a common misconception. There are many taxing districts that make up your tax bill. Please call the Assessor's office at the courthouse for an explanation of the process. It's too late for this election, but perhaps the Chronicle could print the explanation using a real life example of an anonymous property.

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