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My nails are raggy, my hair is shaggy, and my nerves are shot, but still I’m expected to stay home and take over the education of my sixth grader. Why? My government told me to.

Does anyone care that I’m not a teacher? Sure I have a bachelor’s degree issued from St. Martins University which still doesn’t qualify me as a teacher.  What is going to happen to students in this gap year in their education? Are all the students going to enter the next grade prepared (equally or not) for that next step? 

Is the government sure of the results of having the kids out of school? 

What about children living in an abusive home? Who does the kid talk to when the abuser is living with them? Is the slogan, “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” applicable to abused children?

What are the children just supposed to do, put on a face mask for protection?

For years, the schools have provided a safe place for students to ask for help. They can talk to the school nurse, the school counselor, a teacher or another student. 

Does the government have an answer for this problem? 


Gerri Woolf


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You didn’t get good value for that undergraduate degree from St. Martins if you find yourself unable to solve these problems for your family, Dorothy.

But, how do you look your own kid in the eye and tell them you are willing to risk their life to send them off to school? I can’t figure out how to do that.


It's much better to lie cower in fear beneath your bed while bleating with self-righteous indignation at your "lesser" for wanting to move forward with their lives. Right, Karen?


My question for “government”: If the solution to CV-19 is “herd immunity,” how is it possible to achieve when “the authorities” do everything in (and out of) their power to prevent a “herd” from coalescing?

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