On one hand, we have Jaime Herrera Beutler, who pushes legislation to let people buy cheaper medications, remove more sea lions, stop scam robo calls. She hosts jobs fairs, senior fairs, honors our veterans, secures grants that improve local buses and is fighting against Oregon’s tolling scheme.

But if you’ve enjoyed 3 plus years of witch hunts and investigations into the president that have done nothing but wasted time and money, you have alternative: elect Carolyn Long. She has no platform, but she and her cronies at the Washington Democratic headquarters in Seattle send nearly daily emails calling Herrera Beutler a chicken for not joining the rabid liberal masses who demand more investigations and cry for impeachment. To clarify, Carolyn Long would have voted for this impeachment inquiry, and literally has no platform other than “I hate Donald Trump.”

We don’t elect people to Congress to go on political crusades against the president — especially those that produce no results, and waste valuable time that could be spent serving the American people. If we elect Carolyn Long, we’d get nothing but two more years of Russia, Ukraine, impeachment blather. What a waste that would be.


Kathleen “Tzipi” Hartson


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Judge Napolitano on Fox, whom Trump has called a very talented legal mind, has outlined the reasons Trump should be impeached. And the House has sent over 100 bills to the Senate but Mitch McConnell won't allow a vote. Honestly, do some research so you can make an informed argument.


We elect people to Congress to support and defend the Constitution. Since your party and your feuhrer can't be bothered to do the same, it falls to us to act.

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