This letter is in support of Bonnie Canaday for the Centralia Port Commission. Bonnie’s extensive service to this community is legendary and her dedication to improving local government was a proven factor while serving on the Centralia City Council. Her level-headed, common-sense approach to finding solutions is very much needed on the port commission. 

Just recently, it was reported in a letter to the editor that the Centralia Port was to thank for the development of the UNFI warehouse on Galvin Road. They cannot take credit for that development; it is not their accomplishment to claim. 

Years ago, the port sold that property to OPUS Northwest. Due to the downturn in the economy OPUS was unable to accomplish their initial plans and Benaroya subsequently bought it. They sold it to the current occupants of that massive facility which will provide many jobs for the local economy. But to clarify, the port cannot take credit for it. 

In regard to the Centralia Station project, it seems as if there has been a lot of finger  pointing going on after losing Fred Meyer. Ultimately, the responsibility for the leadership of that project lies with Kyle Heaton as executive director of the port. Many balls were obviously dropped along the way. More cooperation between agencies is needed, not the current dissension and discord that exists. 

Bonnie will strive to work cooperatively with the city, the county and the state to further the development of new businesses here in Centralia. It is time for new leadership. I urge you to vote for Bonnie Canaday. 


Randy Garland


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