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The Democratic Party nomination of Hillary Clinton had some odd beginnings. Fox network was constantly touting Hillary as the one to beat … long before she even announced she was going to run.

Although Bernie Sanders was by far the most popular candidate of the people, the Republicans, Democrats and the “liberal media” ignored him. Bernie filled stadiums beyond capacity all over the country while Hillary could barely stuff an elevator. Sanders’ triumphs were rarely reported and always downplayed, because, as Fox pointed out, “he is unelectable.” Strange new rules for caucuses and ballots were installed and the Republican’s clear choice for a Democratic candidate was honored. Polls continually showed that Bernie could easily beat Clinton and Trump .. .and, well, we couldn’t let that happen could we?

It’s happening again. Reporting on the rallies held in New Hampshire on the eve of the primary election, we get this from Fox network: “Buttigieg holds largest Dem rally in New Hampshire this election season.” The original headline has disappeared; it mentioned a “record breaking crowd.” And. oh how they are complaining about it. The numbers are estimated between 1,700 to 1,800 in attendance. Think on that for a second, then consider that Bernie Sanders’ rally the same night is reported to have hosted 7,500. Odd, that a rally 400% larger than Buttigieg’s “record breaking rally” goes unnoticed (again) by Fox.

They rail against Buttigieg as some sort of dangerous radical, give him enormous air time and shed crocodile tears over his candidacy. Same as they did over Hillary in the last go round. 

Well they succeeded in the past. The Democratic Party bought the line and put up a candidate that no one, Democrat or Republican liked, and she was beaten soundly. Hurrah!

Now Fox network is promoting another Democratic candidate that is sure to lose, and all the time weeping and wailing, “Please don’t throw me in that briar patch.” 

There is only one political party, and it is neither yours nor ours…it belongs to the merchandisers.


Dennis Shain


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To say the democrats are a bit chaotic these days is accurate. Biden will fold if he loses South Carolina. Warren is already done even if she doesn’t acknowledge it. Bernie underperformed in Iowa and New Hampshire.

That leaves Senator Klobuchar who is still relatively unknown, and rising star Pete Buttigieg.

Mayor Pete is a good speaker and elusive in his vision. Is he a far-left guy? A moderate? What exactly does this man believe?


Interesting perspective. Not sure why you site Fox News Exclusively as an authority in the last election, all news outlets got it wrong big time. Bernie could well have been the candidate but the DNC unfairly sank him last time and are going to do it again (my guess). I suggest if they do he run as an independent. If I gave any money to his campaign and it was pre-engineered he was going to loose I would have been been pissed. I am not a dem but I do believe in the will of the people and fairness in the elections we are honored to participate in win or loose rigging an election to exclude a person who is a contender is wrong.

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