Along with millions of other Americans I will be casting my vote for President Donald Trump in 2020.

For too many years our borders have been wide open, additionally people have over stayed their visas. We now have somewhere around millions of people in our country that are here illegally.

Ninety percent of asylum seekers never show up for their court date and of the 10% that do, 90% do not meet the criteria for asylum.

The containment facilities on our Southern border can hardly be called concentration camps when people come here voluntarily and are free to return to their countries of origin at any time.

As for the children that have been separated from the adults they traveled with, over a third have allegedly been brought here by traffickers to ensure admittance to the country and will be sold as slaves for illicit purposes. Children that have died on our border were sick to begin with and had nothing to do with us.

We have allowed more legal immigration into this country than the rest of the world combined but we have reached a saturation point and cannot accept everyone who makes it to our borders.

Until we take care of our homeless veterans, children and mentally ill we are in no position to take care of people from foreign countries nor should we be expected to.

Let’s bring back respect for our police, ICE agents and border patrol. Let’s make our education system No. 1 in the world again. Let’s make us the leader in manufacturing again. Together we can Make America Great Again. #MAGA

Robin Roy


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(3) comments


Just Wow.


Yeah, this is what passes for reason with republicans. Fear. The stink of it is strong in this county. I will trust my sons with a neighbor who has crossed deserts to give their children a better life before I trust a republican with them.


If the parents came in legally,no one would be separated. It isn't up to taxpayers to support them for life....our own come first, as it should be. We have put up with this for far too long.

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