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Put the Department of Defense to be the Capitol security branch to protect our constitution and show the world we still are to be respected and aren’t weak and vulnerable just because we had a lunatic in office. 

This was a coup attempt, and our government cannot allow this to happen again. It needs to be run by our real Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, not the local police department. Let them handle the streets and parking lots, but the building and offices should be guarded just as the military bases are — by security not afraid to draw the line not to cross and mean it. Otherwise, it will be lethal if you do; zero tolerance. They have a no-fly zone over the property. If you fly above it, you could get shot down. If you rush the gate or entry door, you could die. Zero tolerance. It is not the Secret Service, CIA or FBI. It’s a junkyard dog security. One job and only one rule and one penalty — zero tolerance, period.


Carl Bohlin


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Militarizing the Capitol to protect it from Americans. That's what you're suggesting here, Carl. I'm not sure you thought this through. The Capitol would, in no way, project power as the seat of a democracy, but as a fortress. Good luck gaining access to your own government, should this nightmare become reality.


This "nightmare" now exists and will remain. Let's not forget why. Spanky trump/Putin's remarks to the mob were the direct cause of this event. This attempted coup has never occurred in the nearly two and a half centuries this government has existed.


So, it is not clear from your comments... Does this approach you are recommending then apply equally to the right, left and middle when they protest since we have seen government office takeovers and violent protests from all sides of the political spectrum with perhaps the center maybe being the exception???


We have, have we? When? The only other group who has attacked our Capitol, besides republicans, was the British, a couple hundred years ago. Protests. Don't you dare try to describe what happened there, a "protest". I reviewed the list of hardware these republicans brought to attack the Capitol. They intended to take prisoners captive. Let's be perfectly crystal clear on where we stand. Not protesters. Insurgents.

Do you not get it? Your people tried to overthrow my government by force to install your own!

Vandenberg Law

As usual, Your Neighbor either ignores or attempts to hide facts. Not since 1812? How about November 7, 1983? A bomb, set by LEfTIST radicals angry about our military atacks in Lebanon and Greneda, went off destroying part ofthe Senate chambers. Here is a link:


It was eerily reminiscent of a similar attack in 1915,

Why would "insurrectionists" (your word) who are no doubt well armed in regular life not use firearms if their intent was to overthrow the Government? In fact the only person who was shot at the Capitol occupation was an unarmed woman named Ashli Babbit. She was shot by the Capitol police. I find it interesting how the left riots when an unarmed person gets killed by the police even when they are breaking the law. I guess not all lives matter to the left....at least not conservative ones.


Well done! What do you imagine it changes? This particular insurrection was led by your president. This happened. Your president sent the mob that attacked the Congress. He sent them, and begged for unity after the killing was over. We aren't worried. We will have unity.


Well said Vandenburg Law. You have to look at all the facts. The blinding hate is clear from all the posts that YourNeighbor makes and it appears that prevents his or her from ever meeting in the center which is what is needed to eliminate the divide.


Mnementh, what are you offering to meet in the center? What's my motivation? If I don't, what will you do, attack Congress again? You remain confused about which group now has the onus to move, politically. You will understand when I tell you I will never tolerate a confederate battle flag flown in my Capitol chambers again.


Actually YourNeighbor, I am willing to meet in the center which is what I have said all along and explained that extremist views on both side of the aisle are the problem. Its just that many democrats want to make it all about republicans being the extremists instead of recognizing the extreme views in their own party as part of the problem. I emphasize that the extremism in both parties is the problem... That's why I think a third party to improve negotiations to the middle might just be what is needed... Not everybody in the republican likes everything Trump has done so stop lumping everybody together...


It's like watching a snake writhe, after its head is removed. The snake doesn't know it's dead yet. Republicans, you are about to pay the price for the lies. You know, there really isn't much of this "divide" the party which attacked our Congress likes to fear. We all want the same things. The difference is the lies. Your position was built on a foundation of lies. You knew this when you started building it four years ago, but you ignored your own internal warnings. You built on lie after lie for years. You got your news from one place. And, you ate it up, thinking you were being "patriots". Now, the house you built on lies is collapsing. You have lost the presidency, the house, the senate, the governor race. These things are simple facts.

Now, we will see you splinter your party and become completely politically irrelevant. The actions of the Great Leader you elected will divide your party, a cross section of Americans, just as he's divided everything else. Except the will of the democrats. Enjoy your buttercups.

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