First off, I am a Trump supporter. A lot of you will be to after his re-election. And why? Democrats will never admit that he’s making American great.

You will never get away from the party line. Almost brain washed. But then, look who your heroes are. Watters, Pelosi, Clintons, Obama, Warren, Sanders. So you can understand why Dem-Liberals are in a sorry state.  

Democrats have tried every way they could to bring Trump down, and he has always bounced back. Don’t you think Democrats could put their petty ways behind them and help putting this country back together? Trump is, and will be, your president.

Rick Moore


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I notice you did not list any of the ways Trump is making America great. Here are some ideas: his tariffs that are hurting American businesses and consumers; his siding with Putin against our intelligence agencies regarding Russian past and ongoing interference with our elections; siding with Kim Jung Un (and other dictators) against our intelligence agencies; numerous instances of obstruction of justice in the Mueller report; diverting money from our military and emergency management to build his wall; lying about literally everything multiple times each day; calling our free press the enemy of the people; calling the Federal Reserve Chairman (whom he appointed) an enemy of our country; and failing to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution. There are so many excellent Republican candidates who should run against Trump and who could win.


Now,tell me every thing Obama did that was good for this country? Go ahead,I'll wait




Watching the Democratic candidates for President is almost embarrassing. They’re desperately making promises and promoting schemes they _know_, without doubt, cannot be fulfilled, in an attempt to buy votes from people who also know, without doubt, they can’t and won’t be implemented. But also without doubt, many voters will mark the “D” ballot box because they just can’t stand the notion that someone they hate will - once again - be President of the U.S., and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be the lucky recipients of “someone else’s (taxpayers) money.”

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