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I really don’t know how anyone else feels about Nancy Pelosi and the democratic party, but I am feeling, more and more, like I would like to hear about the democrats doing their jobs (which is not impeaching the president I voted for, or trying to prove any sort of wrongdoing). 

I am pretty sure that a lot of what should be getting done in democratic offices has to be getting overlooked, and/or forgotten in the pursuit of this witch hunt. 

From what I’ve read, the Bidens may have, at the very least, taken advantage of some foreign countries’ governments and citizens because of their shortcomings and differences. Whether right or wrong, if it appears that this could be going on, I don’t see anything wrong with trying to bring light to the issue. 

My opinion is that Joe Biden is not a real threat to Trump’s re-election, and that it is more likely that there is some basis to the possibilities that some wrongdoing has/is going on. Having said all that, I actually feel like maybe we should see if it’s possible to impeach the democratic party, except for the two who have used their heads so far. The reason we have more than one political party is so that government can work fairly, and not to tear the country apart.


Ken Combs


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Define “fair”, Ken. Is it fair for your feuhrer to use our national treasure (foreign aid) to buy investigations into his political rivals? Tell us how fair that is, Ken. Tell us how that improves confidence I. the democratic process, how it makes the next election fairer, and how it makes our Republic stronger. This is what it is to be republican today, is it? You hold your party and your feuhrer to a low standard, don’t you Ken? Unable to win elections on the merits of ideas, your feuhrer has to unlawfully buy dirt on rivals, and you have no problem with any of that.


“... confidence in the democratic process.” No means exists to edit typos.


Federal law (52 USC 30121) says it is illegal for anyone to even ask a foreign national to interfere with our elections. A quid pro quo is not even mentioned in the law. Based upon Trump’s own words, and the public testimony in the impeachment inquiry, it is clear this is not a witch hunt.

The House is doing its job and has passed at least 100 bills and sent them to the Senate. Your frustration should be with Senate leader Mitch McConnell who is refusing to allow the Senate to even vote on these bills. He is even holding up legislation that Republicans want if he doesn’t think Trump will sign it.

Investigating the President is one of the jobs of the House, as clearly stated in the Constitution.

And the House has general oversight powers over much of what goes on in the federal government. Remember the oversight involving Benghazi when the Republicans were in the majority in the House? And it should be noted that Secretary of State Clinton showed up and testified for 11 hours.

Your comments about the Bidens have been investigated and found without merit – ages ago.

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