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Beverly Clark is running for the Centralia School Board — this is a very good thing. I have known Bev as a mom of two smart, talented, energetic, bright children with different needs. She fights hard to advocate for her children and though sometimes she might not win the popularity contest because of her tenacity, she is fighting for her children’s rights, and in-turn others’ children’s rights. 

She is passionate, persuasive and when it comes to understanding the legal verbiage that is thrown at board members, she knows the ins and outs of it due to her day job working with laws, rules, project management, and legislation. 

Bev will work to ensure that the district is transparent with their budget and encourage a new way of communicating with the schools and the community. She is striving to guarantee the needs of all children are met and that not just core education is addressed, working to bring arts (all forms) back into the schools. She knows kids do better in school when they have music and the arts and when we address all the kids, not just the extremes but also the kids who fall into the middle as well. 

She will stand up for children everyday. She doesn’t back down, isn’t intimidated by titles and cares about the kids. She will work as a team member, but frequently takes the lead because she is strong, a go-getter, and wants to make sure the work gets done.

She will listen, learn, and isn’t afraid to admit and learn from her mistakes. Ultimately her passion for kids and helping them get the best education to set them up for a successful future as an adult is why I am so thrilled that she is running for the school board.


Kris Garrett


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