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Just to show you how Australia has dealt with the virus.

Border closures most of the year and out of a 25 million population, there have been 909 deaths.

Australians took notice, closed borders, and a large number wearing masks. Of course you get the non-wearers.

I’m afraid that the U.S. was slow to do anything. 

New South Wales has had about 55 deaths out of a population much the same as Washington state.

I’m afraid it has been a bit like closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

Happy New Year.


Ron Field


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Born Again Pagan

But we have idiots who think following common sense guidelines is TYRANNY. Such ignorance and disregard for others.


There are cordial ways of sharing your feelings without calling others idiots. I wish people would be nicer. It doesn't cost anything.


No, Spike. The consequences here are death, not some minor little inconvenience. The behavior that openly puts others at risk is idiotic. The people who engage in such behavior are... you get the picture. It also costs nothing to stop putting others at risk, avoiding the idiotic behavior altogether!

Born Again Pagan

Okay. It sure would make me feel warm and fuzzy if more people would intelligently consider wearing a mask to prevent infecting others with a potentially fatal disease. It would show their selflessness, wisdom, and common concern for fellow humans. It wouldn't cost them any thing, and others might consider them normal.

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