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The late evening news, March 19, discussed how many supplies the federal government had on hand, which of course led to accusations and blame for federal warehouses not storing enough PPE (personal protective gear and respiratory ventilators. Three governors, two Democrats and one Republican, are demanding the federal government expedite tens of thousands of ventilators from the 10,000 available in storage. One can wholeheartedly agree this needs to be done. 

An estimate of 960,000 for the United States was presented, which included every known supply. The question remains; where are the emergency supplies of respiratory ventilators and PPE each of the 50 state’s secretary of health should have had ready for such an emergency? The ultimate responsibility lies within the governor’s purview; (most governors select their own Secretary of Health), Jay Inslee chose John Wiesman in 2013; appointed Sue Birch Health Care Authority director in January 2018; and Dr. Kathy Lofy, who holds the illustrious title of chief science officer and state health officer and oversees chronic disease prevention, epidemic intelligence service, along with other relevant positions in communicable disease control and prevention over the past 18 years. None of these “leaders,” planned and stored tens of thousands of respiratory ventilators for immediate access during a pandemic which we now have upon us. Every governor, every state health officer carries the blame, not the president, vice president, congress, or senate.

For your information, Patty Murray, our U.S. Senator is chair of the Senate Health Committee and quickly blamed Trump for failures for which she should be held accountable. She forgot when you point your finger at someone; there are three pointing back at you. She should resign.

So, once again, where are the supplies for the state of Washington. Apparently, not one governor, Republican or Democrat, had the foresight to store supplies for a pandemic within their state’s borders. But it is so much easier for all of them to blame the federal government for their own incompetence. They should all resign, every governor. Sadly, Dr. Kathy Lofy, with two decades of communicable disease control and prevention experience is the one likely to fall upon her sword.

Unless there remains zero accountability in our state government.


Rick Yearout


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