Last May, while visiting my daughter in Virginia, I experienced female complications. As I am in my late 70s, this news sent a shockwave through my system. As soon as I got home, I called my doctor and all sorts of tests followed. 

I was referred to the Providence Centralia Women’s Center and the office of Dr. Moundura (Dr. M). I chose not to go to Providence St. Peter’s in Olympia, as I felt I would be a small cog in a huge wheel. 

I was impressed with Dr. M and it was totally obvious to me that he knows what he is doing and his bedside manner made me feel valued, listened to and in good hands. Dr. M’s diagnosis was that I needed a D&C and a hysteroscopy (pre-cancer checking). 

The day of the procedure, a terrified, nervous and apprehensive me showed up at the outpatient clinic of Providence Centralia Hospital. The nurses, Joni (RN), Amanda (RN) and Heide (RN), were awesome — they covered me with a warm blanket and many reassuring words and smiles and much of my apprehension dissolved. 

They explained every little thing that would be done to and for me and they made sure that I paid attention and understood. They took enormous care putting in the IV. It did not hurt and the relief was enormous. 

I am a volunteer at this wonderful hospital and often meet people who appear scared and nervous. I now know that I’ll be a better listener and can convey to them, through personal experience, that they are in good hands and that all will be done to make them feel comfortable and cared about. 

When I came back from the operating room, I did not realize that it was all over. 

The team was so helpful, caring and concerned for my comfort and well being and sent me home with many good wishes. I am fine — I had no pain or discomfort and I know that no matter what the pathology report will show, I am in the best possible hands. 

I feel so blessed to have had this experience and I give a big thank you to the Providence Centralia Women’s Center and the Providence Centralia Outpatient Surgery Department.  

Rosemarie Hartgroves


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