Mt. Ellinor Sunset Hike

Lake Cushman is seen from Mt. Ellinor Trail #812 near the Mount Skokomish Wilderness Area in late July.

Widespread rain throughout the Puget Sound region and a wind advisory on Washington's coast Wednesday herald our region's typical fall weather and bring a slight chance of local flooding. It will be wet Thursday, Friday, Saturday and probably Sunday, too.

But if you're lamenting the sudden change in seasons, don't despair yet. Next week looks to be a beautiful, sunny, clear-skied reprieve, according to Carly Kovacik, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle.

Wednesday's wind advisory, which lasts until 5 p.m., is only for the coast, where the southerly wind is expected to clock in at 20 to 25 mph with 45 mph gusts. A gale advisory has been issued for the offshore waters.

No warnings are in place for Seattle, which is expected to see steady 15 mph breezes, Kovacik said.

But with this being our first windy event of the season and the trees still full of leaves, there could be a chance for power outages and local flooding.

The National Weather Service tweeted overnight that folks should clear the storm drains near their homes, prepare for outages and generally get ready for the rainy season.

Kovacik said nearly continual and widespread rain is expected on Wednesday, Friday and possibly Saturday, while Thursday will see showers and Sunday could dry up slightly.

By Monday, however, a high-pressure system is expected to move into the region.

"Next week looks really nice," said Kovacik. "Starting Monday and continuing through the week, all our models show a high-pressure system with mostly sunny nice seasonal fall weather."


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