Kim Wyman

Kim Wyman

Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman issued the following response to a tweet by President Donald Trump this morning about delaying the 2020 General Election. 

“The 2020 General Election will take place Nov. 3 as required by law. Only an act of Congress can change that, and comments from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have assured the American people that the election will take place as planned,” she wrote. “The President’s and Attorney General’s continued consternation with vote-by-mail is precisely why I invite them to come to Washington state to see firsthand how my office and Washington’s 39 county election officials have worked diligently to build in robust security measures so people can vote safely this fall.”

 Washington’s Office of the Secretary of State oversees a number of areas within state government, including managing state elections, registering corporations and charities, and governing the use of the state flag and state seal. 

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Fiat Trucker

Wait a minute. The whole democratic narrative for the past 3+ years has been that Trump stole the election through various forms of collusion, and thus he's not the legitimate president of the USA.

Now, the democrats are saying Trump's concerns regarding tampered election results are complacently nonsense and the mutterings of an unstable man; it's impossible to tamper with our elections.

So, which is it? Is our election process reliable or not? I remember how King County kept on finding "extra and uncounted" mail in ballots when Dino Rossi ran for Washington Sate Governor and had the lead for two out of three recounts until loosing by 129 votes. The more hands involved in counting an election, the more possibilities for tampering.


Tiny bit of difference there...collusion with a foreign nation is a bit different than mail-in ballots sent by American citizens. And he is clearly unstable-- delay elections? Pandemic response? Hoax? Bleach treatments? Demon dreams? Alien DNA....spectacular!! He isn't concerned about free and fair elections-- he is concerned about winning--- and even when he won the EC he whined about the election...and the crowds...and "its not faaaaaaiiiiirrrrr!!"

The Democrats are trying to allow everyone to vote safely whereas your guy is trying to suppress the vote...see the difference?


We will not stand for a fascist attempting to hold onto power. This is nothing other than noise from a fool who knows he will not be re-elected.


Yes I live in Washington and called my local office about why I had to pick a party months ago! It says it on tha outside of the envelope! I picked Republican and what do you know, mine got kicked into “Inactive Status”! And would not have known if not checked myself! Check y’al

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