Union Support of School Board Candidate Causes Concern — For Both Sides

Mandi McDougall is running against incumbent school board member Jami Lund.

Updated Wednesday: 

The second round of votes tallied Wednesday afternoon show Mandi McDougall holding her lead over Jami Lund with 50.57 percent of the vote to Lund’s 48.36 percent. 

The next count will be released Thursday.


Preliminary vote counts indicate that Mandi McDougall is leading Jami Lund for the Centralia School Board race in District 4, as the political newcomer has received 50.96 percent of the vote, with 1,955 votes, compared to the incumbent’s total of 47.9 percent, or  1,838 votes. 

The Strong Centralia Schools Political Action Committee sponsored by the Washington Education Association supported McDougall’s candidacy with $91,720.81, according to the state Public Disclosure Commission, which was a source of consternation for Lund, as previously reported by The Chronicle on Nov. 1. 

When The Chronicle contacted Lund for comment following the posting of election results, he said, in a text message: “$94,195 is a lot of campaign money to overcome in a volunteer school board race.” 

In other races, Beverly Clark recorded 59.2-percent of the vote, or 2,122 votes in the District 2 School Board race versus John Elmore’s 39.5-percent total and 1,417 total votes. 

Vickie Jackson seems to be the big winner in the District 3 School Board race, as she pulled in 69.6 percent of the vote, with 2,326 votes versus Alma Neuert’s total of 28.8 percent, or 961 votes. 

Both candidates reached out to The Chronicle via text shortly after the results were posted, with Jackson saying she is very grateful for all the support she’s received. 

“I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the board. There are some exciting opportunities ahead for our schools,” she said. 

Neuert offered her best wishes for all the winners on election night. 

“I shall continue to be an involved parent to make sure our kids receive the education they need to succeed in life,” she said. 

Updated vote counts will be released Wednesday.

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Channing Holmes

This is what you get when corrupt unions heap tons of money on local elections, God Help Us All!

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