On Thursday, Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib announced the names of the students selected to join the Washington State Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC).

Administered through a partnership between the Office of the Lieutenant Governor and the Washington State Leadership Board, LYAC is a youth-led civic program that aims to empower young leaders to engage directly with the legislative process. Each year, LYAC members adopt a legislative agenda, meet with local legislators, testify on bills and organize forums for young people across the state.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the students we’ve selected,” Habib said in a news release. “Our state needs passionate, practical young people ready to get into the weeds of policy to make real changes. I am confident that with their diverse political views, personal experience and numerous talents, that this incoming class will take responsibility seriously and will represent young people in Washington exceptionally well.”

Students on LYAC serve staggered two-year terms. Twelve were appointed this year, one of which from Ridgefield High School. This year’s applicants were selected through a rigorous process that included an essay response, a video submission, and an interview. To stay true to its mission, the council’s recruitment and selection process was led by the LYAC students themselves, with appointments formally approved by the Lieutenant Governor’s office. 

“More and more young people are engaging with politics - and that’s a good thing. But for them to stay inspired, their engagement needs to yield real results. I am confident that this group of students will roll up their sleeves and do the difficult research, take on the complex policy debates and ultimately, effect real change,” Chair of the Washington State Leadership Board Nick Bumpaous said about LYAC. 

The 2020 LYAC members are: 

Charlie Fisher, Ridgefield High School; Emma Brouns, Chiawana High School;

Aiyanna Brumley, Bainbridge High School; Jadon Crawford, Foster High School; Carissa Crum, Oakville High School; Shae Dolan, Curtis Senior High School; Skye Dupplessis, The Downtown School; Rohan Ganesh, The Overlake School; Max Molgard III, Mount Spokane High School; Priyanka Mukhara, Interlake High School; Connor Park, Kamiak High School; and Ivy Pete, North Central High School.

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