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Economic Development Council of Lewis County Executive Director Matt Matayoshi speaks at a recent meeting at the Lewis County Courthouse in Chehalis.

Lewis Economic Development Council Executive Director Matt Matayoshi resigned as of Thursday, Sept. 10, according to EDC Board Chair Dan Rich.

Matayoshi began work at the Lewis County EDC as an intern in 2000. He worked as the executive director of the Mason County Economic Development Council for several years and then returned to the Lewis EDC in 2013 as the director of business development. He took over as the EDC’s executive director in 2014, according to past Chronicle reporting.

Rich said that the board is  in the process of finding a hiring consultant to assist with the application and hiring process to fill the executive director position.

“It’s unfortunate that he’s not with us anymore. I thought he was doing good work, especially with the grant money we’ve been distributing lately. I wish him well,” said EDC board treasurer Ben Kostick. 

The EDC, and the county’s Lewis County Together group accepted and evaluated applications from businesses and nonprofits in the county for two rounds of $200,000 in COVID-19 relief funding set aside by the Lewis County Board of Commissioners.

“We do not have an interim executive director. Myself, as president, and the rest of the board are just filling some holes while we’re starting the search,” said Rich. “We’re just keeping our projects moving forward and in the meantime, we’re starting the process of looking for a new director.”

Rich said that he is not aware of what Matayoshi plans are for his next professional step but believes he’ll be working with Matayoshi in some form in the future.

“We think that we’re going to be working with Matt in some form or fashion very shortly… He has all the skills for us to answer a phone call and he’ll be on the other line in some capacity at some other organization,” said Rich.

Matayoshi could not be reached for comment.


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A lot of county money goes into and through the Lewis EDC. Matt has long been a darling of Lewis County Commissioners. If there is a Lewis County Patronage Swamp, the EDC has long been a part of it. Lately it seems that there has been problems. They haven't published a newsletter since long before COVID-19. There office administrator seems to have gone missing. I would urge Lewis County to immediately initiate an audit.


The admin is not "missing." Not sure where you came up with that. Please don't post things as truth if you are not not certain of it.

IDO guy/ There seems to be something wrong within the Lewis EDC. Matt bailing like he did pretty much verifies it. You've been getting that easy county money for nearly 20 years and you probably no longer can focus on your mission, which is to bring new business to Lewis County. So I urge to you be transparent if you want to survive as an organization.

Lewis EDC is a quasi-government organization. It is a non-profit, but get's the majority if not all of it's funding from Lewis County. It's been around for a long time. They have business leaders and commissioners on their board. So what's really going on there? Perhaps this would be a topic for a little investigative journalism from the Chronicle. Tell the people how much money they get, how they use it, what their performance has been in Lewis County Economic Development. Is the county money well spent? Should this partnership between Lewis County and the EDC continue to exist? Is the EDC still relevant? Why does a long time director resign suddenly?


I agree that because the EDC is funded by taxpayers it should be accountable to the public for how much money it receives and how those funds are spent. The sudden departure of its director does not necessarily mean there was criminality, but it is a great time to have an outside audit and publicly publish its results.

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