The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program at Lewis County Public Health & Social Services (LCPHSS) will transition from WIC checks to a WIC EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card on Sept. 3, 2019. 

WIC participants will be able to purchase their WIC foods using WIC cards at any WIC-authorized grocery store check-out counter.

Cascades is the name of the information management system Washington WIC staff will use to provide services to participants.  

The cards will allow recipients to scan their card at the grocery store line to purchase foods, eliminating the time-consuming process of filling out WIC checks. All family member benefits will be on one card, so families won’t have to keep track of separate checks for different family members. 

Families will also be able to purchase their items throughout the month, rather than in one shopping trip. 

The store receipt will show how much was spent and the remaining benefits balance on the card.

The LCPHSS WIC office will be closed Aug. 26 through 30 for staff to be trained on the new computer system, software, and Cascades processes. 

During this closure week, no staff will be present and the WIC phone lines will not be answered. Participants seeking breastfeeding support may call the Breastfeeding Peer Counselor line at 360-520-5250.

After the WIC office reopens on Sept. 3, participants should expect the first appointment to take a little longer than usual. WIC staff will show each client how to get started and answer any questions.

For more information, call 360-740-1255 or 1-800-562-6130 ext. 1255. 

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