Jaime Herrera Beutler Speaks with Veterans in Chehalis

Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler talks during a public meeting Monday afternoon at the Chehalis Veterans Memorial Museum.

On Friday, Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Battle Ground, announced that she would not vote to support articles of impeachment drafted against President Donald Trump. 

“Since the president’s call with Ukraine came to light, I have been clear that no one is above the law. I’ve also advocated for providing the American people with full and absolute transparency into the circumstances surrounding that conversation. This morning, the House Judiciary Committee reported two articles of impeachment to be voted on by the full House of Representatives,” her statement reads.

The two articles of impeachment charge Trump with obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. 

Herrera Beutler said neither article was adequately proven. 

“The obstruction of Congress article is the least credible of the two. Congress and the White House disagreed over Congress’s right to compel testimony from White House officials, so some White House officials exercised their right to judicial review of the congressional subpoenas. That’s how our system of checks and balances works, and it’s not at all uncommon for the White House and Congress to take their disputes to court. No one at the White House has defied a court order. The rushed timeline for this process set by House Democratic leadership is irrelevant, and the White House asking a court to settle a dispute is not an impeachable act,” she said, in the statement. 

She said the abuse of power allegation relied too much on second-hand testimony, blaming that on a “rushed timeline,” pushed by House Democrats.  

“House committee chairs were unwilling to press the subpoenas on witnesses who could have provided firsthand accounts of the president’s actions, and instead relied on witnesses who’d never even met the president, could only provide secondhand testimony, and offered assumptions based on what they say they heard from other White House officials and Rudy Giuliani – not the president. The one witness who could provide a firsthand account based on personal conversations with the president, Gordon Sondland, testified that the president told him there was ‘no quid pro quo’ and that he made his own presumptions on what the president wanted. Aid to Ukraine was delayed but then later provided prior to the statutory deadline. The Ukrainian president says he was not pressured, Ukraine did not announce or open an investigation, and the country received its aid. The president’s motives for his actions remain unproven. I will not vote to impeach based on hearsay testimony from secondhand sources — to do so diminishes impeachment to a mere political disagreement. So I am a ‘no’ on both counts.”


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Wow, this is utterly dishonest. The White House issued a blanket order for ZERO cooperation. The call logs prove Devin Nunes is a corrupt liar. The facts are the President tried to leverage aid to Ukraine to get them to announce an investigation into the Bidens. This is fact. If it were FOR corruption they would have TOUTED and not tried to HIDE it and SMEAR and lie. It is also a fact his former attorney Cohen, is sitting in PRISON for a felony committed at the direction of Trump as cited in his sentencing. Cohen has the PROOF Trump directed the crime. Our Constitution demands she take off her blinders, and do the right thing. Lastly, McConnell saying he is going to COORDINATE WITH TRUMP ON A DEFENSE, is again, unconstitutional. Please stop your dissembling excuses and DO YOUR JOB. Thanks.


This is what our Constitution means to republicans. Toilet paper.

"No one at the white house has defied a court order." That's this fractional excuse of a human claims. Hey, republicans! The feuhrer isn't charged with violating a court order. He's charged with contempt of Congress. Know the difference. The House has subpoena power, just like courts. Your feuhrer is ignoring those subpoenas. Any more questions I can explain for you?


You need to read the actual words. There is great reporting being done on this political witch hunt and none of it is on ABC NBC CBS CNN or MSNBC. Read the words of John Solomon, Sarah Carter, listen to Tucker Carlson, not Cuomo or Brennan for cripes sake. Russian collusion PROVEN to be a hoax. Ukrainian quid pro quo....strike that.....bribery...strike that.......obstruction by refusing to turn over his staff for questioning....BURN HIM AT THE STAKE. I seriously hope you do not vote. When reality is this easy to ascertain, to continue following the lying troupe of Democrat operatives is unforgivable politically. The Democrats are the fascists, tearing down statues, banning books on Amazon, marching in the streets with masks on and assaulting people. Wake up please, America needs you to be awake and aware.


You have a point. Great reporting like Mitch McConnell, gushing to Fixed Noise they COLLUDING the Trump's lawyers to defend him. That would be like our County Prosecutor acting concert to defend corruption because the local power structure is of the same party. You are party over country.


There is no "feuhrer" in the White House. His title is President; Everybody's President. The fact that you and I can speak against the State or any elected official without coming home to an destroyed empty house with no family, or simply disappear in the middle of the night should prove even to you that we still have a President and not a feuhrer; Know the Difference. While I'm sure you're proud of your armpit wit, the use of feuhrer cheapens and makes fun of the nightmare that was Nazi Germany and the terror mine and many other families lived through. Make fun of our President all you want. It's your right. Just don't compare him to the feuhrer who's responsible for the killing of millions of men, women, and children. To do so is a perversion of history and cheapens the sacrifice made by so many. Any more questions I can explain for you?


Not a word of that addressed your feuhrer and his staff ignoring congressional subpoenas, did it? No houses destroyed or people disappearing in the night? That's your measure of acceptable behavior from your president? I use the term feuhrer purposely and accurately. The rule of law means nothing to him, as it means nothing to those who support him. I know where this leads. A quarter century on active duty in our armed forces will give you that perspective. It is support for this fool that dishonors those who suffered under Hitler. Remember his boast about being able to shoot someone on 5th avenue and get away with it? Here you are, happily letting him get away with this. There is no line he can cross that will bother republicans.


The fact that Mr Cohen, is sitting in prison for a felony committed at the direction of Trump is the first of many facts that should have resulted in Trump being impeached. Only the fact of policy of his being President is why he is not already indicted and convicted on the same evidence that convicted Cohen. Simple uncontroverted fact. Trump is a lying conman. He is who he is.


Maybe he is President now, but he truly wants to be King! How much of anything have you two even read? How is it you do not care he has over and over defiled OUR Constitution and you still say it is ok, This is just how Hitler started, he had those in his pocket who failed Germany and the world. I can only hope Trump will have the same ending as he is a Traitor to the US, he hates America and has brought her to her knees and your kind has helped him. When we recover ( and we will) you and your kind will go down in history as uneducated as it is clear as day you have failed to even read one word and only listen to Fox ( who btw is falling out of love with Trump now as well, are you going to try to catch up or just stick to your guns? How sad is it that you will hold on to this man who said he could walk down 5th ave and shoot someone and no one would stop him And if you have your way, he is right! The man talks like an 8-year-old, he throws tantrums like a 5-year-old. he is and always has been a Toxic Narssitic man. Wake up GOP! Your Party would be turning over in their graves if they could see you now

Roger A. McLean

The people who testified at he committee hearings are apparently just being ignored by Jamie. She has has made he choice to support her political party over the Constitution which is sad and wrong. I will vote for Carolyn Long to replace her and I am a Independent, not a Democrat of Republican. Spanky trump/putin is the very worst thing that has ever happened to this country.


Well said!


Also, I would like to know why my reasonable fact based comment was not posted form yesterday but the propaganda from the Fox News Crowd was. I have a copy of what I posted. I just may follow up on this sort of censorship.


Cinebarbarian -- I am deeply sorry for what your family experienced at the hands of Hitler and the Nazis. I too suffered loss – my great uncle Johann was arrested and died in one of Hitler’s concentration camps. His crime? Holding differing political views from the Nazis, and not apologizing for or hiding that fact.

I too am intent on not allowing history to be perverted. The best way I have of doing that is to understand, learn from it and invest my heart and soul in not letting it repeat itself. I choose to honor my great uncle’s sacrifice and courage by following politics closely and speaking up about what I see when I feel it degrades or diminishes the extraordinary values and principles on which America is founded, and when it seems to be taking us in undemocratic directions. As you might understand given my family history, I am profoundly troubled by a President who threatens to lock up his political opponents; who insults and demeans anyone who disagrees with him; who abandons long-standing, democratic allies while befriending dictators (“feuhrers,” if we’re going to call a spade a spade); and who is quick to turn any opponent into a hated “other.” I am seeing too many parallels between that terrible, terrible period of history and the monstrous way human beings treated each other then, and the ways in which our current President voices constant and strident disrespect for and even vengeance toward others who don’t believe as he does. I’m sadly led to conclude that history could indeed repeat itself if we are not watchful in preventing an American decline into authoritarianism under this Administration.


Well said! A 2nd Trump term has massive consequences for the future of the planet.


Trump is a cancer on the Presidency & our Nation. Once Jamie is defeated, SW Washington can again look forward to real constitutional representation.


By voting for a liberal who will appoint liberal judges? How does gutting the Bill of Rights translate into constitutional representation? If she's voting her conscious I'll back her all the way with my support and vote. If she's voting out of party loyalty I'll support another conservative against her, but never someone who will vote for activist judges. Judges need to make their decisions based on what the law says, not what they think it ought to be. Making law is up to the houses not the judicatory.

Frosted Flake

It is a disappointment to notice our Congressperson is a traitor.


Believing tbat any member of Congress is going to break with their party on this is naive. There may be some Dems in districts that voted for Trump in '16 who won't vote to impeach but it'll be about personal political survival. Not that it will matter in the log run because no way does the Senate impeach him. If the House Demos impeach Trump, it'll be as pyrrhic for them as it was for the Repos when they stupidly voted to impeach Clinton in '98.


I am the outlier here. I believe it was right to start impeachment proceedings against Clinton. Where it went wrong, is that Clinton did not do the right thing and resign, IMO.

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