Chehalis School District

FILE PHOTO — Chehalis Superintendent Ed Rothlin reacts after  results for the school district's proposed $35.9 million bond were announced by Lewis County Auditor Larry Grove, right, at the Historic Lewis County Courthouse in Chehalis in February 2015.

The Lewis County Public Utility District 1 commission on Friday appointed Ed Rothlin as Commissioner of District 2. 

Rothlin takes the place held by Dean Dahlin, who died last month. 

The PUD manages about 3,370 miles of energized distribution lines and serves more than 31,000 customers, as stated on their website.

Rothlin graduated Centralia College and went on to earn his master’s degree from the University of Puget Sound. Rothlin has been working as superintendent of the Chehalis School District since 2010. 

The president of the PUD’s board, Ben Kostick, released a statement following Rothlin’s appointment. 

“Mr. Rothlin is a long-time resident of Lewis County and has strong ties to our community.  His leadership as Superintendent of the Chehalis School District, experience working with community members, and knowledge of how the legislative process affects our customers were key factors when appointing him to represent District No. 2,” he said. 

The Chronicle was not able to reach Rothlin for comment before press time.

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Oh great! Nothing Rothlin loves more than to raise taxes or fees to taxpayers and residents as he's proven to homeowners and businesses in the Chehalis and Adna school districts.


Me be thinking that Ed has a pretty good day gig. How about someone else who can devote a bit more time to this worthwhile endeavor?

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