Flood Authority

Ron Averill, representing the city of Centralia, listens during a meeting of the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority last January in Olympia.

Applications are available for people interested in serving in one of two appointed positions on the Chehalis Basin Board, a seven-member board that oversees the implementation of the Chehalis Basin Strategy and makes funding recommendations to the governor’s office.

“The Board oversees implementation of a comprehensive habitat restoration effort intended to significantly improve the environmental health of the Chehalis River and its tributaries for the benefit of salmon and other aquatic species,” according to a news release from the Flood Authority. “The Board also ensures actions are implemented to significantly reduce damage from major floods and protect communities throughout the Basin. Board additionally makes recommendations to the Washington State Department of Ecology, Governor and Legislature regarding changes in laws, budgets and other actions needed to achieve the objectives of the integrated strategy.”

The Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority is in charge of appointing three of the seven members on the Chehalis Basin Board. Two of those positions have terms that end on July 1. The terms last four years.

Applicants may not have a direct financial interest in the actions of the board and should have expertise necessary to provide oversight of the Chehalis Basin Strategy, knowledge of local government processes or understanding of issues relevant to reducing flood damage and restoring aquatic species.

To apply, submit a one page statement of interest and a “statement of commitment” to regularly attend Chehalis Basin Board meetings. Send the information to Scott Beottcher at scottb@sbgh-partners.com no later than May 20.

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