A group of volunteers from Bethel Church recently made the long journey to Honduras to help make a positive change in the lives of orphans in the area. 

Eighteen churchgoers spent 10 days to help rebuild a water system at the Worldwide Heart to Heart Children’s Village, an 8-acre property that provides housing and schooling to orphans. 

Located approximately 50 miles south of Puerto Cortes, the village takes care of 98 children.

For the third year, volunteers from Bethel Church made the trip to make a positive impact on the Honduran community. 

“We try to pour our influence and make a real difference at one place,” Associate Pastor Scott Collins said of the mission trip. 

With the help of Brookside Dental in Bellevue, the church raised money for the equipment needed to provide the children with water after their existing water system was compromised. 

Prior to the rebuild, children had to take “bucket showers” to clean themselves off, Collins said. Because of the dirt and silt in the water, the system was clogged and no running water was available.

Collins said the volunteers took the old water system apart, and installed new plumbing and pressure tanks.

“We were able to install an entirely new water system for them and get the kids clean, bacteria-free water to drink,” he said.  

On previous trips to the village, volunteers helped construct a road that ran the length of the village, and helped replace toilets, sinks and repair showers.

Ed Petersen, a volunteer who went on the mission, said the experience was rewarding.

“A lot of very generous Lewis County residents donated time, materials and money to make this happen,” he said.

The trip was part of Bethel’s vision to help those in the local communities, as well as distant places. Collins said the trip was rewarding for the volunteers, who in the end received a life-altering experience. 

“I think the big part of this is that there are kids all over the world and there are kids right here in our own backyard that need people to love and care for them,” Collins said. “We need to make sure that even though we go overseas or travel to California or Chicago or wherever to help out and to love on people that we are doing the very same thing in the way that we serve our community.”

One of the ways the church gives back to the community is through the Hub City Mission, which provides food boxes to the underemployed and those needing help.

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I love Washington

So glad that these kids are learning about Jesus. We all know that they need to know the word of God not the word of Instagram.[beam]

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