Security watches as Providence medical personnel conduct a drive-thru COVID-19 test at Hawks Prairie in Lacey in April.

Thurston County ended the week of Sept. 7 with 51 COVID-19 cases, an additional case more than the 50 weekly cases reported the week before, according to county health officials.

No new cases were announced on Sunday.

Weekly case totals have been trending lower since they peaked at 107 in mid-July. Since then, weekly totals have fallen to a low of 50 for the week of Aug. 31 before inching up to 51 the past week, according to Thurston County Public Health and Social Services.

Seven new cases were announced Saturday, giving the county an overall total of 1,093.

Of that total, 902 people have recovered or are recovering, 77 people have been hospitalized at some point during their illness and 15 have died, county health data show. The previous number of hospitalizations was 75, but two people have been hospitalized the past week to increase the total to 77.

The number of ongoing COVID-19 facility outbreaks continues to be five, the data show. As of Sept. 4, those facilities were the Thurston County Jail, an assisted living facility and three adult family homes, according to the county.

In the region

-- Pierce County announced 47 new cases on Sunday, giving the county 7,181. Deaths were unchanged at 160.

-- Lewis County announced no new cases on Sunday, keeping its overall total at 432 with four deaths.

-- Mason County announced three new cases on Friday, increasing its cases to 375 with three deaths.

-- Grays Harbor County, as of Thursday night, was still reporting 331 cases and six deaths.

Around the state, nation and world

Washington state announced 350 additional cases on Sunday to give the state 79,826 cases and 1,991 deaths, according to the state Department of Health. DOH is no longer announcing new deaths on weekends.

In the U.S., 6.5 million people have contracted the virus and 194,000 have died as a result, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Globally, 28.8 million people have been been afflicted and 921,000 have died, the data show.

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