Chehalis City Council Meeting

FILE PHOTO — Bob Spahr and Dennis Dawes attend a Chehalis City Council meeting in March.

Chehalis citizen Cory Stajduhar shared a virtual presentation with the Chehalis City Council on Monday afternoon and asked the council to follow in Mossyrock’s footsteps and create an ordinance stating the city “does not recognize” the state’s COVID-19 restrictions. 

The council discussed his presentation and concluded that it would be “counterproductive” to go against state restrictions. 

Stajduhar supported his request with multiple documents and videos, saying that “we are not in a crisis” and citing a low-death count in Chehalis, which is information that is not available to the public. 

He also argued that the negative impacts of businesses remaining closed are more detrimental to the city and its citizens than the spreading of the potentially-deadly virus. 

Mayor Dennis Dawes said that if the city passes an ordinance saying restaurants and other establishments can be open, and the state Department of Labor and Industries fines those places for violating the restrictions, the city could be liable.

“As frustrated as I may be with the governor’s actions and what he’s done, I just can’t do something that I think is counterproductive and may make the problem worse,” Dawes said. “If we were to pass something similar to what Mossyrock has done, I don’t think that’s going to take care of the problem.”

Dawes said that he would not want to give a business “false hope” by passing a city-wide ordinance in opposition to the state’s COVID-19 restrictions when that business could still face fines from L&I.

“I can’t afford writing a law that is not valid and could get the city into situations where we could lose state-aid,” Dawes said.

Dawes said that regardless of COVID-19, the city must still provide core services to citizens, such as police and fire services. Dawes recommended that Chehalis citizens look to their legislators to work to get businesses opened back up. 

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I once more have to explain, to voters and to Dawes. If you enact a law that is, on its face, not valid, it is, by definition, unlawful. If it is unlawful, it is unconstitutional. Yet, that problem was nowhere among Dawes' reasons for sending Cory packing. A citizen can be excused for not understanding an elected official's responsibility to our constitution. Does the elected official understand it?.


I find it interesting that the council would find the time to consider a mossyrock type of rebellion against the State of Washington. The individual who claimed death rates are low are wrong. Currently Lewis county has 34 deaths and nearly 3000 cases and this pandemic is out of control, with cases, and deaths increasing daily. I am amazed that our council, which works for the people of this county, are not taking the high road and are continuing to suppress the realities of this deadly and highly contagious virus. Thanks Mr Snaza.


If we in Lewis County were to follow in "Mossyrock's footsteps" there would many more deaths from Covid 19.


"I can’t afford writing a law that is not valid and could get the city into situations where we could lose state-aid,” Dawes said. So...... It's about money?


Here is an honest question. 34 deaths in Lewis County. Is that with the rona or from the rona?


You're not honest Robb. You're a liar. You're a defender of Diaper Don, serial rapist and racist and guilty of inciting a violent mod of your ilk to attack the Capital. Do us all a favor and if you can't help please sit down shut up and stop working against us, working to make it better. That would be swell.


A better question would be, have they even isolated Covid-19? There is no proof, and the PCR tests are finding more false positives that disease. Total deaths for 2020 are .075%...less than 1% higher than for 2019. A normal year has an increase of 1.2% historically. LESS people died in 2020 than expected.


Yes exactly.... and how many flu deaths this year???

Now, multiply that by suicide, drug and alcohol relapses and a lack of spiritual support.. this is clear .. agenda 21/ the great reset.. anyone with a brain and even the smallest amount of research can figure it out


Good reply.

Born Again Pagan

To honestly answer, both.


yeah but what about all the death that been reported that didnt die from covid but something else but are listed because they tested positive months before,there just trying making sound worse then it is,plus insurance company's dont have to pay life insurance on pandemic deaths so throw in other deaths so they save money on payouts

Born Again Pagan

With roughly 4000 Americans dying daily from this deal, I guess Mr.Stadjuhar would like Lewis County to make a larger contribution of corpses. When this is over, these same people will say the preventative measures like mask wearing and business closures were unnecessary. I'm personally grateful for the adults in the room trying to keep us alive despite the inconveniences and loss of income. Sometimes you must hove to and weather the storm. It will be easier to comprehend the reality of it if your not hearing conservative media outlets parroting The Orange Psycho's lies. Listen to the science and the experts, not the sycophant's pseudo bull scat.


So essentially we are too lazy to defend our constitutional rights. Sounds like 1930s Poland before the blitzkreig rolled through. Shame on you all of you. Your grandchildren will despise you for lack of vitriol in the face of tyranny.


Your grandkids to criticize the lack of vitriol in the face of tyranny. Maybe if we wrap it in a bow and call in the name of safety we can rip the constitution to shreds together.

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