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Lewis County Property Sales in July

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Posted: Friday, September 21, 2007 12:00 am

The following is a report of property sales in Lewis County in July with a valuation of $200,000 or more according to tax affidavits filed in Lewis County Treasurer's Office:

• $215,000, William and Kay Harris, Centralia, sold to L. Roxanne Byrnes, Centralia, 1920 home, 1910 duplex and two sheds at 511 S. Silver St., Centralia.

• $231,400, Thomas and Lara Etherington, Centralia, sold to Deserie Hardy, Federal Way, 1924 home and shed at 519 S. Iron St., Centralia.

• $305,000, R. Kevin and Debbie Hubbard, Chehalis, sold to Nathan and Courtney Grygorcewicz, Tumwater, 1910 two-story home at 725 F St., Centralia.

• $317,000, Rusty Jordan, Centralia, sold to Mark Entremont, Centralia, 1940 1½-story home, two sheds, two lean-tos and 1.44 acres of land at 304 Reynolds Ave., Centralia.

• $280,000, Frederick and Leah Smith, Missoula, Mont., sold to Eileen Horner, Centralia, 1995 home and 0.14 acres of land at 111 Robert Frost Drive, Centralia.

• $267,500, Dorothy Neiser, Centralia, sold to Harry and Helen Pierce, Clinton, 1995 home and 0.14 acres of land at 105 Robert Frost Drive, Centralia.

• $354,000, Stillwaters Estates Inc., Centralia, sold to Betram and Doris Anderson, Centralia, 2007 home and 0.17 acres of land at 2824 Van Dyke Drive, Centralia.

• $236,000, Timothy and Patricia Norris, Chehalis, sold to Angela Hansen, Chehalis, 1938 1½-story home at 671 S.E. Washington Ave., Chehalis.

• $239,000, Arthur and Ana Williamson, Chehalis, sold to Daniel and Heidi Finger, Chehalis, 1976 home at 1095 S.E. Evergreen Drive, Chehalis.

• $230,000, Deutsche Bank National Trust, Frederick, Md., sold to Darrell and Shannon Lykins, Chehalis, 1978 two-story home, carport and 0.22 acres of land at 2137 S.W. Olympic Drive, Chehalis.

• $262,500, West River Construction, Olympia, sold to Walter and Concha Sutter, Eatonville, 2007 home and 0.22 acres of land at 1143 S.W. 22nd St., Chehalis.

• $215,000, Catherine Johnson estate, Federal Way, sold to Heather Hamblin et al, Chehalis, 1950 home and 0.21 acres of land at 1932 S.W. Snively Ave., Chehalis.

• $200,000, Byron and Irene Borovec, Chehalis, sold to Jack and Karen Armstrong, Olympia, 1935 retail building and 0.42 acres of land at 1911 S. Market Blvd., Chehalis.

• $207,000, Patricia Campbell, Chehalis, sold to Sarah Miller, Chehalis, 1978 home at 1970 S.W. Snively Ave., Chehalis.

• $252,000, Triston Marty, Chehalis, sold to David and Kelly Albert, Chehalis, 1979 home and 0.34 acres of land at 630 S.E. Prospect St., Chehalis.

• $350,000, Hussain Enterprises LLC, Chehalis, sold to Wilson Oil Inc., Longview, 1997 food-service building and personal property at 1400 N.W. Louisiana Ave., Chehalis.

• $265,000, Jay and Elizabeth Reimer, Toledo, sold to Stephen and Jaime Ethridge, Toledo, 1930 1½-story home, three sheds and 4.21 acres of land at 117 Lone Yew Road, Toledo.

• $273,050, David and Kimberlee Mills, Chehalis, sold to Robert and Paula Smith, Toledo, 5.15 acres of land only at 446-53 Meier Road, Winlock.

• $524,950, John MacDowell, Bellevue, sold to David and Diana Smith, Evanston, Wyo., 1998 two-story home, lean-to, hangar and 1.32 acres of land at 153 Skyhawk Drive, Toledo.

• $229,545, Jacqueline Lueken and Corey Girton, Chehalis, sold to Dale and Debbie Johnson, 1935 1½-story home, five sheds and 14.77 acres of land at 279 Rosebrook Road, Chehalis.

• $359,900, Joshua and Amanda McAferty, Onalaska, sold to Nick and Judith Radiovich, West Hills, Calif., 2006 two-story home, shed and 6.5 acres of land at 149 Tamaracks Drive, Onalaska.

• $294,000, Jason Harris, Onalaska, sold to Robert and Betty Fahnestock, Centralia, 2001 home, two sheds and 2.24 acres of land at 241 Tamaracks Drive, Onalaska.

• $299,000, Larry and Marge Keeton, Chehalis, sold to Rana and Andrew Justice, Chehalis, 1945 home, shed and 0.95 acres of land at 102 Granite Lane, Chehalis.

• $344,500, Hanna Family Trust, Chehalis, sold to James and Margaret Stuart, Chehalis, 2002 home, shed, carport and 10.46 acres of land at 933B Logan Hill Road, Chehalis.

• $239,000, Eric and Lisa Low, Winlock, sold to Troy Hagan, Winlock, 1920 1½-story home, three sheds, lean-to, barn and 2.88 acres of land at 486 S. Military Road, Winlock.

• $395,000, Teresa Loo and Robert McDermot, Tumwater, sold to Shirley McKenzie, Centralia, 1965 home, shed, gazebo, carport, barn, two lean-tos and 8.08 acres of land at 987 S. Military Road, Winlock.

• $245,000, Edward Engkraf, Vader, sold to Robert and Jimmie White, Vader, 1988 mobile home, shed, lean-to and 9.77 acres of land at 236 Westside Highway, Vader.

• $495,000, Keith and Ruth Ikerd, Winlock, sold to James Brubaker and Robert Rae, North Plains, Ore., 2003 home, two sheds and 20.12 acres of land at 265 Antrim Road, Winlock.

• $394,000, Richard and Andrea Vitzhum, Tenino, sold to Brian and Corozan Hellings, Winlock, 1999 home, shed and five acres of land at 131 Otter Fox Lane, Winlock.

• $610,000, Kelcey and Melody Willcuts, Longview, sold to Best Shell Inc., Winlock, 1996 food services building and 1.52 acres of land at 223 Highway 505, Winlock.

• $220,000, Phyllis Kupias, Winlock, sold to Berwyn and Jannett Buschlen, Chehalis, 1990 home, carport and 0.93 acres of land at 112 S.W. Campbell St., Winlock.

• $355,000, Aaron Dahle, Chehalis, sold to Craig and Michelle Steepy, Onalaska, 5 acres of land only at 242 Kennicott Road, Chehalis.

• $335,000, Kenneth and Angie Johnson, Chehalis, sold to Daniel, Tillena, Danell and Doug Hawe, 4.79 acres of land only on Jackson Highway, Chehalis.

• $870,350, Hi-Loft Northwest Inc., Chehalis, sold to Southern Property LLC, Lincoln, N.C., 1989 warehouse and 2.73 acres of land at 1441 Bishop Road, Chehalis.

• $870,350, Chehalis Industrial Commission, Chehalis, sold to Hi-Loft Northwest Inc., 1989 warehouse and 2.73 acres of land at 1441 Bishop Road, Chehalis.

• $270,000, David and Nancy Keaton, Centralia, sold to Wayne and Shannon Wooster, White Salmon, 2006 home and 1.79 acres of land at 128 Hillcrest Road, Chehalis.

• $250,000, Carolyn Haight, Chehalis, sold to Luis Lopez, Chehalis, 1930 1½-story home, carport, shed and 9.8 acres of land at 341 Logan Hill Road, Chehalis.

• $213,135, Homestreet Development LLC, Olympia, sold to Patricia Lee, Gig Harbor, 2007 home at 137 Wind River Drive, Chehalis.

• $200,799, Homestreet Development LLC, Olympia, sold to Jonathan and Jessica Mroos, Edmonds, 2007 home at 119 Wind River Drive, Chehalis.

• $500,000, Wayne Anderson, Chehalis, sold to Quigg, State and Lincoln LLC, Aberdeen, 2.92 acres of land only on Estep Road, Chehalis.

• $279,900, Bristol Homes LTD, Bellevue, sold to Stacey and Jodi Harmon, Napavine, 2006 1½-story home and 0.17 acres of land at 322 Fenway Drive, Napavine.

• $321,900, Matthew Johnson, Newcastle, sold to Scott and Stephanie Purvis, Napavine, 2006 1½-story home and 0.17 acres of land at 320 Fenway Drive, Napavine.

• $245,000, James Moore, Douglas, Wyo., sold to Larry and Bonnie Nelson, Randle, 1979 home, shed and 1.25 acres of land at 454-12 Harmon Road, Napavine.

• $220,000, David Templeton, Des Moines, sold to O'Connell Development LLC, Grape View, four lots, 0.68 acres of land only at 259, 261, 277 and 287 Parkside Loop, Napavine.

• $260,000, Sharon Flinn et al, Centralia, sold to Dennis and Karen Miltenberger, Centralia, 1955 home, 1945 home and 0.93 acres of land at 1316 Harrison Ave., Centralia.

• $5,812,822, SVC Investors LLC, Walnut Creek, Calif., sold to NHP Washington ALF LLC, Newport Beach, Calif., 1994 retirement home and 2.15 acres of land at 2010 Cooks Hill Road, Centralia.

• $260,000, Nick Costa, Centralia, sold to Michael and Nancy Maring, Chehalis, 2006 home and 5 acres of land at 150 Kodiak Lane, Centralia.

• $295,000, Charles and Christine Sharp, Chehalis, sold to Grace Douglas, Centralia, 1976 home, 1.33 acres of land and an additional parcel at 3134 Zenkner Valley Road, Centralia.

• $220,000, George and Juanita Meredith, Centralia, sold to Allen and Sheri Potter, Centralia, 1935 home, three sheds and 2.35 acres of land at 2325 Van Wormer St., Centralia.

• $379,990, Robert Kling Jr., Chehalis, sold to Betty Kennedy, Seattle, 1978 home, shed, two barns, arena, cover, 12.72 acres of land and additional parcel at 182 Dieckman Road, Adna.

• $305,000, WMC Mortage, Houston, Texas, sold to Robert and Sandra Ponotti, Chehalis, 1988 home, detached garage and 1.69 acres of land at 280 Clinton Road, Adna.

• $271,900, Matthew and Janis Briggs, Chehalis, sold to Bernice Baker, Chehalis, 1974 home and 0.46 acres of land at 186 Brook Drive, Adna.

• $280,000, U.S. Bank National Association, Simi Valley, Calif., sold to Billy Naillon, Chehalis, 1976 1½-story home, two sheds and 5 acres of land at 449 Cousins Road, Adna.

• $352,000, Michael and Kathryn Kardis, Centralia, sold to Steve and Laurie Kobb, Centralia, 1994 two-story home and 0.66 acres of land at 115 Eshom Road, Centralia.

• $269,900, Mitchell and Virginia Edwards, Chehalis, sold to Robby and Michelle Wilson, Chehalis, 1970 home and shed at 111 Deerfield Place, Chehalis.

• $255,000, Rodney Peterson, LaCenter, sold to Timothy Dalton, Rosburg, 33 acres of land, shed and additional parcels on Roundtree Road, Boistfort.

• $259,000, Michelle Wharton, Kelso, sold to Paul Hodel and Leslie Watson, Onalaska, 2006 home and 5.24 acres of land at 355 Lost Valley Road, Boistfort.

• $832,000, Douglas and Edith Wilson, Curtis, sold to Donald King and Bruce Harris, Tenino, undetermined property and parcel at 107 Hubbard Road, Boistfort.

• $205,000, Krystyna Faibish, Bellingham, sold to Jason Richmond, Rochester, 1920 1½-story home, 1969 mobile home, two sheds, barn and 6.7 acres of land at 399 S.W. Independence Road, Rochester.

• $325,000, Jack and Janice Rasmussen, Chehalis, sold to Tausilia and Akenese Moliga, Chehalis, 1979 home, carport and 36.92 acres of land at 213 Bagshaw Road, Pe Ell.

• $310,000, Theodore and Robyn Pilz, Spring Creek, Nev., sold to Linda Kycek, Olympia, 1994 two-story home, 7.8 acres of land and an additional parcel at 345 Elk Creek Road, Pe Ell.

• $325,000, Edward and Audrey Simons, Gooding, Idaho, sold to Westlands Holding Company Inc., Chehalis, 45.03 acres of land and an additional parcel on Jorgensen Road, Onalaska.

• $258,900, Reality Homes Inc., Fife, sold to Daniel and Donna White, Crescent City, Calif., 2006 home, shed and 2.5 acres of land at 121 View Point Drive, Mossyrock.

• $350,000, Richard Frazer, Salkum, sold to Bruce and Marleta Taylor, Centralia, a 2001 two-story home and 11.02 acres of land at 1705 Spencer Road, Onalaska.

• $252,500, Jay and Marie Denning, Centralia, sold to Charles and Roma Gray, Onalaska, a 1978 mobile home, barn and 10 acres of land at 152 Smokey Ridge Road, Onalaska.

• $287,500, Glenn and Kathleen Hedrick, Onalaska, sold to Gregory and Anne Smeester, 1920 1½-story home, three barns and 5 acres of land at 381 Burnt Ridge Road, Onalaska.

• $613,305, Frances Townsend, Cinebar, sold to John and Margaret Meek, Olympia, 80 acres of timber only on Townsend Road, Onalaska.

• $280,000, Kevin and Kim Pisha, Graham, sold to Donald and Bernadette Ross, 2002 mobile home and 19.54 acres of land at 342 Justus Road, Onalaska.

• $300,000, Donna Quinta, Onalaska, sold to Morris Johanson, Sumas, 1997 mobile home, detached garage, lean-to, shed, arena and 4.6 acres of land at 579 Shanklin Road, Onalaska.

• $275,000, Jeanne Durga, Mossyrock, sold to Aaron Ferguson, Tacoma, 1960 home, additional home, 8 mobile homes, mobile home park, shed and 1 acre of land at 111 Isbell Road, Mossyrock.

• $215,400, Michael and Crystal Harmon, Spanaway, sold to Morgan Teeter and Corey Morford, Ashford, 1983 1½-story home, two sheds, lean-to, cover and 0.52 acres of land at 103 Nisqually Place, Eatonville.

• $295,000, Larry and Bonnie Nelson, Randle, sold to Don Allison, Randle, property and parcels of land at 1150 Silverbrook Road, Randle.

• $215,000, Dennis and Sally Galster, Randle, sold to Peter Abrahamson, Randle, 1962 home, four sheds, lean-to and 5.74 acres of land at 308 State Route 131, Randle.

• $439,000, James and Beverly Taylor, Randle, sold to Paul Peterson and Anita Wahler, Randle, 1995 1½-story home and 16.54 acres of land at 311 Carr Road, Randle.

• $278,000, Harvey Gjesdal, East Wenatchee, sold to Markeen Tower, Tacoma, 5.01 acres of land only at 117 Wapiti Trail, Randle.

• $235,000, Richard and Marlayne Elliff, Eatonville, sold to Geri Alder, Bellevue, 1992 1½-story home at 121 Lake Creek Drive, Randle.

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