Alan Mahood wrote an excellent letter. One wonders what these Trump people think. and now Trump suggests using bleach to inject into the body and anyone who thinks he was being sarcastic needs to actually watch him when he talks. He just thinks he is VERY smart when in fact he is dangerou…

Ok I have to say Thank you to Julie McDonald for the several good laughs at a time there is little to laugh about. Thank you for taking the time to write this piece. it is a nice gesture.

Thank you Frank Hackett, I could not have said it as well.,It is absolutely astonishing how the ones who support Trump truly never can come up with facts.

Maybe he is President now, but he truly wants to be King! How much of anything have you two even read? How is it you do not care he has over and over defiled OUR Constitution and you still say it is ok, This is just how Hitler started, he had those in his pocket who failed Germany and the…

This was IMO a well thought out letter to the Editor. I enjoyed reading it and will have to agree on her assessment. Thank you for writing it

I too received a form email letter from Jamie Beuter saying the same. no response for withholding troops and money from her. It is totally amazing to anyone with a brain that Trump is corrupt and yet they refuse to see it. I sure know how I will NOT be voting for come Fall of 2020