Roger A. McLean

What the Sheriff said was just plain stupid. I expected a lot more intelligence from someone like him. He was performing for the crowd there--mostly spanky trump/putin supporters. His job is to enforce the laws and not offer his opinions as to the appropriateness of the laws. He lost my vote.

This type of coverage is not helpful during these times--exposing hate and fear of a the far right fringe group. I noticed no one was wearing a mask and certainly no minorities were present.

I agree with the Corbin's. Edna Fund should remain as County Commissioner.

I hope the City ends up selecting Asst Chief Denham to be the permanent replacement. He is a fine man with a lifetime of law enforcement experience and training with Chehalis initally and Centralia for many years now. He know our community well and the City leaders know him well. If he is…

The people who testified at he committee hearings are apparently just being ignored by Jamie. She has has made he choice to support her political party over the Constitution which is sad and wrong. I will vote for Carolyn Long to replace her and I am a Independent, not a Democrat of Repub…

I got the form too. Obviously Jaime has selected Party over patriotism, Spanky trump/putin is the very worst thing that has ever happened to this country.

Very well said--darn good response.