yes you have your 1st amendment right to free speech, but you have gone too far invading this man's personal home space. I have no clue what he did to warrant the charges, but it wasn't a felony, and by this state's law he has a right to teach. IF he was convicted b/c of a hug or a misunders…

thats too bad. I'll miss his insite on the outdoors. However, I'm stumped why he had to pass away like that. Aren't these diagnosed relatively easy?

I am so happy for you Taylor. We spent a great year together when you were a 2d grader and I was your nurse. You have grown into such a beautiful young woman and I wish you all the best :)

was it really necessary for this to be front page news? I watched the concert and symphonic bands perform so brilliantly and I am amazed on how these kids have pulled themselves together after his death.

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mandatory depo provera shot every 3 months or no AFDC or food stamps. But don't give her children back and make certain she doesn't have any more!

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i used to babysit him!

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to finish my comment: the safety net that should have been there has been so diminished that this was inevitable. And where was the father of the children providing his financial help he should have been doing.

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those children have a greater right to live in a home that is clean, safe and free of filth. Hopefully this is the motivation Ms. Price needs to change. Also, perhaps the safety net the state should have provided

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I too wish I had told him what a great job he did with my daughter jordan and giving her the confidence to try and perform at solo ensemble. In fact after she collected herself, she stated she is even more determined to learn her symphonic music and develop her skill on the bass clarinet.

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He was such a great person and teacher. We just saw him at my daughter's solo ensemble just this saturday .