Stop the netting on rivers, and the bays and estuaries that divide the ocean from rivers. The Native nets are killing the salmon fishery.

IWW were Communists. It still is the same thing today. They hate Liberty, Freedom and property rights.

The framers knew people and were themselves owners of cannons. The same argument that framers didn't foresee the telephone, printer, computer or smartphone could be used to ban usage. Ideas can be more dangerous than weapons, and ARE more dangerous than weapons in the hands of the law abi…

Modern society, or disease, early death and extinction. Choose wisely, the power from the dams is the best source we have. The problem is not the dams, but the modern equipment used to net the rivers and the sound.

Vaping products provide no benefit for the consumer.

Soda pop has no benefit for the consumer.

Chewing gum has no benefit for the consumer.

Ice cream, no benefit to the consumer.

Cookies, no benefit to the consumer.

What is inherently wrong with nicotine? Keep in mind that the source is not tobacco. It is simply a stimulant and a depressant. Depending on the mood, the person chooses to wake up, or relax. Why no worries over heavily sugared and flavored caffeine drinks? People have died strictly from …

The "Wobblies" are still around in the persons of antifa.

You must have made an unpopular but insightful point.

We get the traffic jams, torn up roads, housing shortages, but none of the jobs. The city should make the business build an on/off ramp to I-5 and disallow the trucks on Harrison west of I-5 and SE of Galvin on Harrison Ave

There is nothing dangerous or inherently polluting about oil extraction offshore, or in Alaska. We need to pursue all options, or engage in endless wars protecting the Middle East and the long trip moving oil here. Over the seas I might add.