Why not replace that old short and narrow overpass with a new wider and taller one, anticipating future expansion of I5 to 6 lanes, which will have to happen eventually. Patching up the old one seems to be a waste of money.

This is a no brainer to me. Vaccines have saved millions of lives over the years. I remember well in 1955 my parents, upon learning that the Salk Polio vaccine was available in the city nearest to where we lived, we were all in our car headed there and got the vaccine that same day. In my…

Excuse me. "close down the borders for a while"? So, if we want to do another trip to the UK like we did in July, we can't go? That sounds like a country (empire actually) that forbade people entering or leaving that country. It was called the USSR, who shot or mined those people.

Sewer usage is determined by your water use, which is measured, since all water coming in has to go out into the sewer system. Whether you use these services or not, they have to be maintained and damages repaired. These things cost a lot.

Great job Riley. I'm sure that you will have a bright future. (btw, I had no idea that the Vikings made it to Guatemala and massacred there ;)

I would hope that the truck driver loses his CDL if found guilty.

My wife noted on her most recent shop at the supermarket that the shelf for Crystal Geyser was full of bottles, with not one removed for purchase. There were even pallets of it outside with not a single item purchased. I hope that people will continue this boycott and hope it spreads acro…

Thumbs up!

I just hope that the "reductions by attrition" are reductions of administrative staff and not librarians in the public libraries.

Doesn't aiding a person that shot a police officer deserve a higher bail?