You're on the internet, yet apparently not able to use it.

Typical Lewis County Conservative: actively keeping themselves uninformed


There you go. The data on what folks die from year over year is well establis…

As we see your racist hero Trump savagely attack and lie about the free press daily.

Fascist Nazi Germany and Hitler closely align with Trump and his KKKlan politically and political philosophy. Hardly with the 'liberal' Biden. Thanks for pointing that out, Gene.

It was water based paint. This was clearly a setup. The only thing missing was Snaza and his clean up crew.

I'd just like to say... my view of Rainier is ruined with a 10 mile long string of bright red flashing nav lights on the windmill towers. It looks awful and is the first thing I see every AM.

There has been far more than 12 deaths Logger Jim. I'm sure the families of those who died really appreciate you denying them. Frankly I find such overt disinformation and dishonestly disgusting. But, typical for Trumpies. They have to lie.

This is correct. It will be trivial to tease out the excess deaths from Covid 19. Of course the overt racist and dishonest supporters of Trump, believe in magic.

Logger Jim, you are in fact an advocate for idiocy. Wearing a mask is not living in fear unless you believe the entire medical community lives in fear daily. Herd immunity is only something advocated by the extremely ignorant. I'd love to live the rest of my life, it's ignorant folks like…

Right... and you blew completely past the obvious and overt idiocy of Culp and those like him. YOU and those LIKE YOU, are the problem. YOU and those LIKE YOU who do not follow mandates. YOU, are the problem, yes, YOU.

You're not following my logic. You're objectively a liar. A liar who is endangering lives via their willful lies. You should be ashamed.

I wasn't aware that almost a quarter of their budget is an unallocated slush fund. Hopefully audited annually.