So, run to the law when you think it might AID you, but for POLITICAL REASONS not enforce the law when it does not. You and your brother are unqualified to serve the public. We are not sheep to be led by ignorant unethical Trump supporters.

Oh, and who is that 'Patriot' soiling the flag next to Edna Fund? Wrapping yourself in the flag doesn't make you a patriot nor does Donald Trump hugging it mean he loves America, rubes.

This is so depressing to see. As a factual matter, you cannot be an ethical person and support Donald Trump. You could be forgiven for being fooled once. This time, you're knowingly choosing evil. How will you explain this to the next generation?

Indeed...apparently calling something a theory in some circles, means it doesn't exist...Tell that to gravity.

The problem is of course, is the 'leadership' of Trump which has trickled down to the local level of Sheriff Sheep. You can directly blame the GOP and Conservatives for the failures. This IS science folks and this IS what happens when when facts are ignored over supporting the cowardly cr…

Culp has denied any wrongdoing, saying he was not the lead investigator on the case. "

He also has insisted Moore's guilty plea does not mean that he actually committed the crimes."


Wow.... Automatic di…

Perhaps if those in attendance showed they were responsible by wearing masks and social distancing, others might believe sending their children into a crowded school, is a NOT death trap. Just an obvious observation.

Actually for several periods we were over 350, which is well into the HAZARDOUS range. I was surprised to see my mail carrier driving around all day in this muck with ZERO protection. As we know, they drive windows down. This needs to be addressed for the future.

Hi there. On a somewhat related note. I noticed my mail carrier has been driving around in this muck for days with ZERO protection. How is this happening that mail carriers are spending all day driving around in OFFICIALLY HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS, with no protection. All he has was the worth…

This is depressing. I have no way of explaining this to normal folks. There's some sort of inbred thinking in Lewis County that has persisted essentially unchanged for the last century. Most that I am aware of. My running gag of the only update in Lewis County consisting of LED streetligh…