Who are the people in the photos? Can we update the captions, please?

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Yeah. Is there a copy editor for the online edition? Pea, your firearm knowledge far exceeds mine, and I appreciate your corrections to the article - it adds to *my* knowledge. That's a good thing. I don't want to be walking around talking about a "Pistole Parabellum" when I mean a "serie…

House member have no control over supreme court nominations. The Senate holds the constitutional power of "advice and consent." The Senate votes to ratify treaties signed and appointments made by the president of the United States to public positions, including Cabinet secretaries, federa…

Awesome. Thanks!

How do you sign up to be a host for next year?

Thank you all for your hard work and thoughtfulness. I'm proud to live in Centralia. Our history is unique to the PNW, and the care that people take in preserving that history touches me.

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This is very responsible of S.T.O.P., and their decision to conduct more study and due diligence is enough to make me support reopening the pool. I'm a veteran (so I get extra votes - jk), so if it's dedicated in honor of veterans, which I appreciate, and it will be a good activity for ou…

Oh wow. Congrats Randle! Wow, Crystal Geyser. Shame on you!

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Your writing is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

Thank you Board President Buzzard and Board Member Fast.

To all who were off last Monday and were paid or who worked but were paid overtime, thank unions. The ability to collectively bargain for working conditions benefits ALL workers.

My children are grown, but I happily pay tax…