Brought to you by your local democrats who continue to try and bend the perverse into acceptable behavior.

This guy rapes a down syndrome boy and is out of prison why? Just how does that happen in a society that is supposed to treasure their children?

Lofty goals.

How about starting out with something a bit more practical like stop selling and trading off DNR (washington state citizens') land to timber companies and get back the thousands of acres DNR has landlocked away from any public access. That land was supposed to be saved …

Isn't it already against the law to kill someone? I fail to see how this would have prevented this death, or others in the future.

The answer to the problem known as Jay is not Tim Eyman. Come on people. Surly there's someone on the conservative side willing to try and educate the people's republic of Puget Sound? PLEASE!

I'll take such talks about the Columbia River Dams seriously once Seattle removes the Ballard Locks and returns Lake Washington to it's historic level, remove Gorge Dam, Diablo Dam, Ross Dam, Boundary dam, Cedar Falls dam, South Fork of the Tolt, and the Newhalem. Once Seattle does this a…

I continue to be impressed with the Morton PD's commitment to their community. Well done Folks!

Just think how far your millions of dollars spent on your "running for president" could have gone toward our education system. Why not pay that back Jay? You seriously can not be saying funding your illusions of grandeur as a presidential candidate was more important to the tax payers of …

Boy was I a sap for paying my own way through collage by working two jobs! I thought it was my own responsibility to pay for an education that would allow me to make enough money to live on and pay back my loans. I guess in modern day lingo, I was taken advantage of by big education.

What a long list of garbage Washington State Citizens will have to vote no on come next election.