I hope he broke his foot!

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The year Willie Nelson played there was a falconer who had hawks one Bald Eagle and Prairie Falcon. That was Cool!

Nope. It deserves NO BAIL!

How could the detective listen to that and still stay calm and composed. That's professionalism on the highest level!

Hey Jay! How's about kicking back some of that special interest money from your billionaire friend to help pay back the Washington State Taxpayers for your failing campaign?

If he were a Conservative Republican Seattle would be screaming to be reimbursed for the hundreds of thousands of dollars our State has paid to fuel his political illusions of grandeur. Since he's a democrat however, we should all feel privileged to know our hard earned tax dollars are go…

Glad to hear he entered a not guilty plea. That will leave him to bare the full brunt of a maximum sentence should he be found guilty.

If ever there was a poster child for what's wrong with our laws, it's this guy. Here he's perfectly legal as a convicted child rapist when he has been in several of our area churches, playgrounds, and other public places trying to lure children. But, now that he mistreated a cat all bets …

“Why should I acknowledge somebody’s married name if they don’t acknowledge my desire to enter a perfect union?"

Well, I guess if you can't help solve real problems you can always create an artificial one and name it whatever you like.

Well I called it!

"Cinebarbarian Apr 21, 2018 8:44pm

WDFW might as well drop the case and move on. Even if found guilty the only thing these county judges will do is tell them they can't buy a hunting license for 3 years and give them a …