What happened to yesterdays comments?

Read the Constitution, he continues to tear it into shreds. I'm thankful she is doing this, a strong person can only stand by and let Mr. Trump carry on like this for so long. He could have prevented this.

For gosh sakes! Culp lost... it's over. What a waste of ink.

The Sheriff and Prosecuting attorney are deferring their responsibilities to the WSP. Which I suppose if you're either of these men that makes perfect political sense. I for one will remember their tactics when they run for re election.

Take good care Chad, we're all sending positive thoughts and strength your way.

I have one tattoo, Sean did it two years ago - simple, painless and I've had hundreds of compliments! Professional and thoughtful. He's the best!

I had the pleasure of working with Pat at the Twin Cities Senior Center. I'm so sorry she's going through this, sorry for the family as well. She was a great co-worker, taught us all a thing or two about raising children, helping strong women become stronger, we even traded a pool table f…

Well deserved. Congrats Rick!

This warms the heart as well as the folks it will help. What a thoughtful child, kudo's to her parents.

Awesome Darin! Congrats.