Born Again Pagan

Wow. Unprofessional barely begins to describe. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

In his drunken stupor maybe he was just getting some color samples to show his friends. Maybe paint the family home in that rainbow theme. Show the love and inclusion. Perhaps that should be a part of his sentencing. Look good in Onalaska.

In a recent Pew Research and Gallup poll across the nation, less than three out of ten people surveyed approved of Trump's performance the last four years. Looks like the other 2.9% were in Napavine and were without face coverings just like the Grand Wizard!

Minenema. Are you serious right now? Beware folks. There is still a toxic plume of misinformation coming from the right winged camp.


I recall as a child a few residents of the twin cities would dole out those nickel candy bars at Halloween. We knew which houses to visit for the 'big score'. There weren't many of them, and we thought at the time these denizens must be affluent type folks. In retrospect I realize that (j…

chehalisresident I'm afraid you need a reality check. If there was anything positive about Trump's tenure in office, it was him leaving. And he did that with such dignity. Trump liked throwing names about like his Chinese made MAGA hats, here are a few for him that fit well. Loser, crybab…

Yeah the censors haven't much for a sense of humor.

Oh please! Myenema, stand back and stand down.

Please, ennema, cease and desist.