Letter to the Editor: Winlock Mayor Should Examine Own Words and Actions Before Judging Others


Winlock Mayor Brandon Svenson’s recent comments in the July 13 Board of Lewis County Commissioners meeting stated:

“Just last month a proclamation was passed that seemed effortless even though it pandered to the 2%. And when I say pander to 2% I don’t know the exact math. I don’t mean the LGBT community. I mean the Lollipop Guild, a group of bullies who have done the LGBTQ community a disservice as far as I am concerned.”

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some things for Mr. Svenson.

First and most importantly, last month's Lewis County Pride Proclamation was and is for the LGBTQ community and was not actually requested by the Lewis County Lollipop Guild (LCLG) or anyone else that I am aware of.

I do appreciate that two of our commissioners took the initiative to listen to a marginalized segment of their constituency and submit and then approve it, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that it only happened after the third was in hot water over bullying comments towards the LGBTQ community.

Please note that neither I personally nor LCLG as an organization speak for the LGBTQ community as a whole.

There are absolutely people in Lewis County, LGBTQ and otherwise, who do not care to associate with LCLG, and that is OK.

But, as a card-carrying member of the LGBTQ community, one thing that I can tell you for certain is that a cishetero man trying to speak of what is or is not a disservice to our community is absurd.

Sit down. Perhaps listen to some of your constituents who are affected by the vilifications you are perpetuating.

To address Mr. Svenson’s other comments, the Lewis County Lollipop Guild itself is an intersectional community organization with members from all age groups, walks of life, gender identities and sexual orientations as well as political ideologies.

That includes Second Amendment supporters. Our community believes that the constitution belongs to all of us and a diversity of opinions engaging in mutually respectful discourse is what makes America great to begin with. It should be noted again here that I personally do not speak for every member of LCLG and can only express my personal viewpoints informed by the feedback I receive.

Much the same as you don’t speak for all of Winlock and the Hamilton sign doesn’t speak for all of Lewis County.

Finally, I do recall two short months ago when Mr. Svenson submitted a since deleted (perhaps censored?) bullying comment on our state representative’s social media page accusing the local newspaper of performing sexual favors in an attempted queer shaming of his own party members. And then Mr. Svenson returned to this commissioners meeting this week to again bully his own party members while simultaneously accusing others of the bullying behaviors he was himself performing in front of our very eyes.

Mr. Svenson might examine his own words and actions before trying to judge other members of his party or community.


Kyle Wheeler



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Hear ! Hear ! Well said !

Friday, July 16

I too have observed most Lewis Co. residents, despite their Trumpery, generally practice tolerance and good will toward their neighbors, including neighbors with variant lifestyles.

There is always, however, that contingent who use religion to sock anybody they don't like in the eye. They don't necessarily represent the churches (altho the more conservative churches tend to coddle them) and they become tiresome in using their reading of the Bible to justify any prejudice of their heart.

You can use the Bible to justify anything: polygamy, slavery, child whipping, subjugation of women, incest, warmongering, whatever. You can also find timeless wisdom such as the Ten Commandments. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it in the Bible.

The Founding Fathers knew this, which is why they strictly separated civil governance from religious practice. Any public leader who paid attention in high school civics class knows this and stringently avoids Bible-whacking of certain segments of their constituency.

Saturday, July 17
R. Ganowicz

Words of wisdom coming from a dude that ejaculates into another dude's feces.

Saturday, July 17
Christopher Vandenberg

This coming from a guy who wanted to revive the mantle of King Chuck. without knowing anything about who and what he actually did.. Mr. Wheeler is juszt another newcomer to Lewis County who wants to remake his new home county in the image of Portland. Do you really believe in free speech and the rest of the Bill of Rights if your neighbors opinions don't agree with yours:? My guess is you call them haters and wish to silence them. Fortunately, like your sagging banner barely visible from the freeway, we can ignore you. Sue and scream all you want Mr Wheeler....it's your right......but there is no requirement that we take you seriously. I know I don't.

Saturday, July 17

Svenson is nothing less than a loud mouth dbag with a propensity toward low intelligence, loud mouth insulting language bent toward ignorance. He is basically a name caller. Not a nice human. He absorbs negatively into his over inflated ego and spits it out as super charged moronic Trump-aggressive language designed to push down kindness, cooperation and decent humanity. Basically he is jerk.

Saturday, July 17
Kyle Wheeler

Hello Mr. Vandenberg,

Good to see you here as always. My regards to the rest of the club.

I knew exactly who Chuck was and how much everyone hated him on both sides: that's exactly why I used him to shock y'all into remembering that moment. It seems to have worked for those who did see it. Though, the peanut gallery here might be confused about what we are talking about considering that incident has never been reported in this paper. I did appreciate the refund of my impound fees after it was deemed improper though because by deduction that was also inherently acknowledgement there was a violation of my first amendment rights also.

Roger Morningstar is just another newcomer to Lewis County who wants to remake his new home county in the image of Arizona.

Sean Swope is just another newcomer to Lewis County who wants to remake his new home county in the image of Texas. .

I'm sure I could go on and on with a list of people in power who are not from here but who are shaping *our* county. This nativist argument that I am not entitled to input or opinion simply because I haven't lived across some imaginary line for an asinine timeframe to be "lewis county enough" to qualify is ridiculous. The moment I pay taxes I am entitled to input. I've been personally paying those here in Lewis County for five years now. That said, I'd love to see your place of birth on your certificate since we are checking everyone's papers now.

To quote you directly here - "Do you really believe in free speech and the rest of the Bill of Rights if your neighbors opinions don't agree with yours:?". I do. I've never once said Hamilton should be removed, simply that I should be able to sit at the table next to him for an alternative perspective. That is the point and spirit of America, right? That said, I do seem to remember you specifically taking a twisted sense of pleasure in defending Morningstar's "lawn art" last year while simultaneously commenting with more glee than a kid in a candy store on the vandalization of my own "lawn art" and trying to defend that incident as an act of free speech. I suppose you are at least predictable in projecting your own flaws at others, which is also the spirit of the letter to Mr. Svenson also.

My pending lawsuit has absolutely nothing to do with the intended billboard or rezone and is simply protecting my personal property and rights from blatant theft as well as asking for accountability from the government regulators that should have provided me equal protection of those rights and chose not to at multiple opportunities. As a "lawyer", one might think you would comprehend that.

Thanks for the commentary, I do always appreciate your perspective.

Sunday, July 18