‘The White Space’ Event Venue Opens in Downtown Centralia


Most event venues come with a theme pre-prepared, be it shabby-chic, modern, farmhouse or otherwise.

But Payton Pocklington, 24, of Centralia, wanted to create a venue that would be as diverse as the events and its guests. This weekend at 203 N. Tower Ave., Centralia, the grand opening was held for her new venue, aptly named “The White Space.”

“It is good for any type of event you wanna have,” Pocklington said.

The name comes from a concept in design, she said, of using blank space as part of the design and not letting things become too full or overcrowded.

Plus, The White Space is a blank canvas, she said, with a variety of decoration options to match weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, luncheons and anything else one may want to host there.

Pocklington offers a variety of options for renters, from using the space for one hour all the way up to a three-day weekend package.

Already after opening, folks have started booking out the new venue, Pocklington said. This upcoming weekend, the spot will host an already sold out cookie class taught by Sweet Dough Cookie Co. owner Ashlee Shirer. The following weekend, there will be a “macrame and mimosas” class. Tickets will be sold on the event venue’s website.

Pocklington said she was beyond excited about pursuing her dream in downtown Centralia. She got the keys to the place in May, and with the help of her parents and fiance, was finally able to “flip” it enough to open on Saturday.

Though she went to college in Oregon, Pocklington has lived in Centralia for most of her life and now owns a home in Rochester. She’s also the head softball coach at Centralia College.

“It’s been absolutely amazing,” she said. “I’m so excited to have something a little different for the downtown area, but also the whole community. I just want it full of people all the time.”

During Antiquefest the first weekend of August, The White Space will also host a vendor fair with free entry.

Learn more about the new business or book events at https://www.thewhitespacewa.com/.