Sweet Dough Cookie Co. celebrates two-year anniversary


Since the Sweet Dough Cookie Co. bakery opened on Main Street in Centralia in February 2022, it has been normal to see long lines stretching from the bakery down the block every Saturday morning.

The bakery’s two-year anniversary celebration on Saturday, Feb. 3, was no different, with a line of cookie lovers braving the morning chill to congratulate bakery owner Ashlee Shirer on her success.

“Every Saturday so far, we’ve had a line and we’ve sold out, which is nuts,” Shirer said Saturday. “I couldn’t do it without my customers, without my family, my friends.”

Shirer made headlines in 2018 to 2020  for her appearances on the Food Network show “Christmas Cookie Challenge,” where she twice won $10,000 for her expertly baked and decorated cookies. She ran a custom-order bakery through her website, selling by the dozens to people across the country for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays and other events, before opening the brick-and-mortar shop on Main Street in 2022.

Now, Shirer is looking to move the business to a bigger space in Chehalis.

“It probably won’t be for another five or six months because we have so much construction to do, so we’re staying put for now, but we are moving,” Shirer said Saturday. “It’s just, it’s crazy how much you can grow in two years. It’s just cool how far cookies have taken me and how many friendships I’ve made.”

For more information on Sweet Dough Cookie Co., visit https://sweetdoughcookieco.com/

Pre-orders are uploaded to the website every Thursday at 6 p.m, with pickup between 9 and 11 a.m. on Saturday. The storefront is open every Saturday from 9 a.m. until they’re sold out.