Survey Looks at Agricultural Concerns in Thurston County


A community-wide survey on agriculture shows annual revenues from the industry could decrease as Thurston County experiences continued farmland loss.

In the survey, people were asked about the top issues that current and prospective farmers face, stated a news release.

The results identified four priorities for county action. They include conducting more outreach and education to current and prospective farmers about available incentive programs, exploring land use policy and zoning changes to protect more farmland, doing more to address development impacts to farmland and investing in economic development for agriculture.

The survey will help the county understand and address concerns as part of a larger project known as the “community-driven review of agriculture policies and programs.”

The Board of County Commissioners in Thurston County added the project to its 2020-21 comprehensive plan amendment document.

“These public comments from community members, nonprofits, and advisory groups asked the county to take a fresh look at land use policy, regulations and incentive programs supporting agriculture,” stated the release. “The survey results provided vital information from the community that will guide future county actions.”

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