Student Athletes Among Those Arrested at Centralia Party


Centralia police officers cited 40 adults under the age of 21 with minor in possession of alcohol after responding to a large party Saturday night.

Officers initially traveled to the 2200 block of Earl Street for what was reported as a fight in progress involving approximately 30 people.

When police arrived, everyone ran back in the house, according to a press release.

“It was discovered that several student athletes from the Centralia College athletics department were throwing the large alcohol and marijuana part (sic),” the release states. “Officers learned that the people throwing the party had also been consuming alcohol and were under 21 years of age.”

According to police, most of those cited were college students and/or athletes.

Two 17-year-old girls were also referred to the prosecutor’s office for potential minor in possession charges, Two people were arrested for outstanding warrants.

One man sustained injuries to his face during the fight

The case is under investigation.

The Centralia Police Department released the names of the adults cited at the party: Layne Hellem, Justin Kaut, Oscar Jackson, Kendra Steen, Jason Kelly, Michael Johnson, Breann Pearson, Mackenzie Wasson, Baylor Scott, Julian Del Real, Erika Brower, Braden Geary, Mercy Puni, Jeremy Brockman, Sterling Rettke, Samuel Gillenwater, Colin Malone, Patrick Neely, Gavin Rodriguez, Kendal Decker, Willard Kessel, Gerard Kaukeano, Emily Benton, Isaiah Block, Connor Fulton, Austin Patsy, Kailey Dodds, Ronan Easter, Tyler Olson, Jayson Brown, Robert Hoisington, Madison Raymond, Jessica Hickey, Alyx Chamberlain, Kimiyo Asanuma, Emma Brattain, Dallas Del Rosario, Richard Cotto, Jamison Benitez, Clayton Woodrum, Kathy Rodriguez and Jessica Hankins