Sirens: Burglary Arrest; Fleeing Driver Arrested; Vehicle Prowlers Confronted; Assaults




• Michael Madrigal, 26, of Centralia, was arrested in the 1100 block of Eckerson Road just before 4 p.m. on March 13 and was booked into the Lewis County Jail for allegedly stealing items from an unoccupied property. He was charged with second-degree burglary and third-degree theft in Lewis County Superior Court on March 14. Arraignment is scheduled for Thursday, March 16. 



• An officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on West Main Street in Centralia at 2:55 a.m. on March 14. The officer caught up to the vehicle and attempted to stop it after seeing the vehicle did not have a license plate. The vehicle then fled west on Harrison Avenue and onto northbound Interstate 5 at a high rate of speed. The officer was not able to pursue due to state laws, according to the Centralia Police Department.  Officers relayed the information to Thurston County Sheriff’s deputies, who successfully deployed a spike strip on the vehicle. The vehicle continued north on I-5 until eventually becoming disabled near the Thurston/Pierce County border, where Thurston County deputies apprehended the four occupants. The driver, Feata Peo, 23, of Tacoma, was arrested and booked into the Thurston County Jail for possession of a stolen vehicle and attempting to elude police. Additional attempt to elude police charges have been referred to the Lewis County Prosecutor's Office.


Vehicle Prowl 

• Two subjects, described as a “white male wearing a black leather raincoat and a white female wearing a heavy coat,” were reportedly found inside a vehicle that wasn’t theirs in the 400 block of North Ash Street just after 7:30 a.m. on March 14. The suspects reportedly “rode off on bikes” when they were confronted. The same couple was confronted again at 8:15 a.m. on March 14 while prowling a different vehicle in the 800 block of West Pear Street, but they reportedly “rode away on their bikes.” No arrests were made. 



• A wallet containing IDs and credit cards was reported stolen from the 2000 block of Borst Avenue just after 6:20 p.m. on March 14. 



• A Centralia man was arrested in the 1000 block of Eckerson Avenue just after 1:10 p.m. on March 14 and was booked into the Lewis County Jail for alleged fourth-degree assault, domestic violence. 



• A hit-and-run was reported in the 1000 block of Harrison Avenue just after 2:35 p.m. on March 14. 




• A subject was cited for second-degree burglary in the 300 block of Southwest 16th Street at approximately 7:35 a.m. on March 13. 

• A burglary was reported in the 800 block of West Main Street at approximately 10:15 a.m. on March 14. The reporting party noticed signs of forced entry, stating it looked like the suspect/suspects broke in through a wall and took a desktop computer valued at over $2,050. 

• A case of second-degree burglary reported in the 600 block of West Main Street at approximately 11:55 a.m. on March 14 is under investigation.



• A case of shoplifting was reported in the 1500 block of Northwest Louisiana Avenue at approximately 7:25 p.m. on March 13. 


Vehicle Accident 

• A non-injury, two-vehicle accident was reported in the 1800 block of South Market Boulevard at 3:05 p.m. on March 13. 



• A possible physical dispute was reported in the 10 block of Southwest Chehalis Avenue just before 3:35 p.m. on March 13. 



• A subject was arrested in the 300 block of Southwest Third Street just after 12:50 a.m. on March 14. 

• A case of custodial assault that occurred at Green Hill School about a month ago was reported just after 11:10 a.m. on March 14. 

• A case of fourth-degree assault reported in the 300 block of Northwest Chehalis Avenue just after 1 a.m. on March 15 is under investigation. 



As of Wednesday morning, the Lewis County Jail had a total system population of 166 inmates, including 153 in the general population and 13 in the Work Ethic and Restitution Center (WERC). Of general population inmates, 121 were reported male and 32 were reported female. Of the WERC inmates, 11 were reported male and two were reported female. 


Sirens are compiled by reporter Emily Fitzgerald, who can be reached at The Centralia Police Department can be reached at 360-330-7680, the Chehalis Police Department can be reached at 360-748-8605 and the Morton Police Department can be reached at 360-496-6636. If you were a victim of physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence or sexual assault, call Hope Alliance at 360-748-6601 or the Youth Advocacy Center of Lewis County at 360-623-1990.