Scammers are at work again, Washington state officials say


A new scam is targeting area residents, the state Department of Transportation announced via social media on Monday.

The scam, apparently sent by text and email, asks those who received it to pay an unpaid balance tied to the Good to Go! program, which is a pass used by commuters who regularly cross the Tacoma Narrows bridge.

The fraudulent message: "Washington mygoodtogo tolls services, our records indicate that your vehicle has an unpaid toll invoice. To avoid additional charges of $66.70 please settle your balance of $6.67." The message then directs recipients to go to a fraudulent website at

WSDOT officials urge residents to not click on unknown links in emails or texts.

"Good to Go! will not request payment on any website but," the WSDOT message reads. They also remind residents that they won't ask for a driver's license number.

WSDOT officials also responded to a few questions on social media.

• How did they get our contact information?

WSDOT: "They are not just reaching out to Good To Go! customers. The scammers are also contacting people who are not our customers, people who do not own cars, people who moved away from Washington (state) years ago or never even lived in Washington."

• What do we do if we clicked on the link?

WSDOT: "If you made a payment you should contact your bank or credit card company to report the situation."

• What do I do if I gave them my driver's license number?

WSDOT: "If you provided your driver's license number it would be best to check with the state Department of Licensing."