Sale Pending on Centralia-Owned, Decommissioned Golf Course Property


Developer: Sale Price of $1.8 Million Pending a Feasibility Study, Mayor Says

A sale is currently pending on the decommissioned, Centralia-owned Armory Hills Golf Course, according to Mayor Max Vogt, with a buyer considering the purchase of the 33.3-acre property for about $1.8 million.

Vogt said a prospective developer made the offer pending a feasibility study on Aug. 2. The city-owned property, located at the end of Duffy Street, was on the market for 392 days and was originally listed at $2.1 million before the selling agent lowered the asking price.

“We’re excited we got an offer on the golf course,” Vogt said. “Hopefully, it will turn into something very great for Centralia.”

The property was originally provided to the city by state land grants in 1949 and 1963, according to the city’s website.

“The property is situated within a valley formed by Seminary Hill to the south and Ham Hill to the north. The former golf course included a wood-framed, two-story clubhouse facility, caretaker’s residence and restaurant on the upper level and a pro shop, equipment storage and operations facilities on the lower level,” the city’s website listing of the property reads.

Today, the property is used as an open space. It’s valued at $580,000, according to Lewis County Parcels.

The 3-acre property south of the golf course, which included the old clubhouse, was sold earlier this year to listed buyers Wyatt Teitzel and Shelley Stoner for $599,900.

The 33-acre property was originally surplused by the city back in 2015, according to previous Chronicle reports, though it had been decommissioned for far longer than that.

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