Rochester area mothers form business partnership to open new salon and claspless jewelry workshop

Petite Ville Salon and Barber: Enterprise opens in former location of Appian Way


Sabrina Hoffman and Jystine Gross weren’t close friends, so going into business together wasn’t something they really envisioned.

Now, the duo is running Petite Ville Salon and Barber, a new salon and claspless jewelry workshop that opened at the beginning of May in the same building where a Centralia salon long operated.

The Chronicle met with Hoffman and Gross, both from the Rochester area, last week to talk about the salon’s creation and the services they offer.

“We are friends through our kids. It’s not like we hang out all the time and are best friends, but it just happened,” Gross said. “Now, we talk every day.”

“I knew that Appian Way (Hair Care) was here for a long time,” Hoffman added. “... We basically saw that it was for rent, and I live close to here and Jystine lives close, and we were like, ‘Are we doing this?’ And then, without talking to our husbands, or having a plan or anything, said ‘Yeah!’”

Originally opened inside the Lewis County Mall in 1974 by Jim and Nonie Stiltner, Appian Way moved to its last location — where Petite Ville is now — back in 2017.

The Stiltners retired last summer and handed Appian Way to new owners, who ultimately closed up shop.

Having been a hair stylist for 15 years professionally, working in both Centralia and Rochester salons and barbershops, Gross jumped at the chance to own her own salon along with Hoffman, especially with the business space already a styling sink and wiring a salon requires.

“What’s really cool is we’ve seen a lot of (Appian Way’s) clients come back, and we just hope that we can provide the same long-term service that they gave to keep the small town vibes. Petite Ville actually means small town in French,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman and Gross have remodeled the inside of Petite Ville to try to maintain those small-town vibes. Some of the Stiltners’ clients have told them they like what they’ve done with the place.

“I’m sad we never met Jim and Nonnie, but I’ve met a lot of their clients, and they always say how awesome they are, and I hope to do them proud,” Gross said.

Gross is the only hair stylist currently working in the space. She takes walk-ins along with customer appointments. She also offers a variety of hair services, except for hair dyeing currently.

While she can dye hair, she’d rather reserve time for stylings and haircuts as she’s Petite Ville’s only stylist. Should they find another stylist both Gross and Hoffman feel will be a good fit, dyeing services will once again be available.

But if you want a perm, a straightening or just a trim, Petite Ville has you covered.

The new salon offers services for the whole family, including beard trims, and sells a variety of shampoos, conditioners and beard oils.

Though Hoffman isn’t a stylist, she decided to use the space to give her claspless jewelry business — Dally + Toil — a permanent home.

“It’s something I’ve been doing for a while, but I had nowhere to really meet people,” Hoffman said.

Though claspless jewelry is also referred to as permanent jewelry that is actually welded around the body, it can still be removed and even modified with a clasp if one wishes.

“She’s a fine jeweler. She does everything,” Gross said. “She’s fixing my grandma’s wedding ring right now.”

Hoffman also offers jewelry cleaning along with repairs and custom claspless jewelry, and uses only ethically sourced gemstones and precious metals for her work. Due to security concerns, she doesn’t store any gemstones or precious metals at Petite Ville.

While Gross does talk walk-ins for salon and barber services, Hoffman is available by appointment only as she also works at Zaldivar’s Forestry in Centralia.

To schedule an appointment, email Hoffman at To learn more about Dally + Toil’s services, visit

Petite Ville Salon and Barber is located at 22134 Old Highway 99 SW in Centralia and open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and closed on Wednesday and Saturday.

To book a styling appointment or haircut, visit, though walk-ins are still welcome. For more information, call Petite Ville at 360-807-4118 or follow the business on Facebook at