Riverside Fire Authority Celebrates Milestones With Pinning Ceremony 


The Riverside Fire Authority last month held a badge pinning ceremony to celebrate milestones for its career and volunteer personnel. 

The badge pinning ceremony is the culmination of a lot of hard work, hours of training and the effort of each recipient to achieve their fire service goals,” the fire authority wrote in a post on Facebook Thursday. “Our congratulations to this great group of firefighters.”

In the post, employees were identified by their first initial and last name. 

The fire authority marked the promotions of Lieutenant M. Holmberg and Lieutenant S. Goff. 

Firefighter paramedics C. Smith and J. Gates received their badges after completing their first year with the authority. 

Volunteers M. Kimbrel, N. Layton, J. Everson and S. Bickel were acknowledged for completing recruit academy and probation.

“We are proud of the dedication and commitment to public service that each of these individuals exemplify,” the fire authority wrote. “We are thankful and grateful for their families in support of these amazing candidates — and for the help and mentorship received from coworkers and training personnel. We look forward to what each adds to this team and their continued successes.”