Police Investigating After Five Dead Pets Found Inside Eastern Washington Trailer


Three dead dogs still locked in their kennels and two dead birds were discovered this week inside a trailer in West Richland.

Officers made the grisly discovery Tuesday morning after neighbors were concerned about other animals running lose in the area on the 7300 block of Van Giesen Street, police Commander Athena Clark told the Herald.

The Red Mountain RV Park is located in the area where the trailer was parked. Neighbors told police they believed the trailer had been abandoned there.

The bodies of the dogs were inside in their kennels without food or water, and no human has been seen in the area for more than a month, Clark said. It's believed the animals were dead for quite a while.

The dogs were taken to the Washington State University veterinary school in Pullman to determine how they died.

Two men are believed to have connections to the trailer, Clark said. The city's animal control officer is investigating, and it's possible they could face felony animal abuse charges.

Police also are trying to catch a stray dog that may have escaped the trailer and has been running loose.