Passersby Help Fire Crews Extinguish Brush Fires Along I-5


Multiple passenger vehicles stopped to help put out a brush fire that broke out alongside Interstate 5 near Exit 77 in Chehalis on Tuesday.

The Chehalis Fire Department was called to the scene just after 4 p.m. on Sept. 21 and arrived to find two small brush fires — a 10-by-20-foot fire beneath the overpass and a 30-by-50-foot fire on the other side of the overpass — along with passersby who stopped to help extinguish the fire with water bottles and handheld fire extinguishers.

Mop up was completed just 20 minutes after crews arrived. The cause of the fires is undetermined, but since the Riverside Fire Authority responded to another small brush fire a few miles north around the same time, fire personnel suspect a vehicle dragging a chain was the likely cause.