Onalaska Man Pleads Not Guilty to Assault of a Child After Teacher Notices Bruise


An Onalaska man has been charged with third-degree assault of a child after a teacher observed bruising on a student while they were using the restroom. 

The victim reported that the man hit him or her with a wooden paddle over Christmas break and divulged that they “did not feel safe with (him),” according to Lewis County Superior Court documents filed on Jan. 25. 

The victim’s mother reportedly confirmed the assault, and the man allegedly admitted that “he used the paddle on (the victim) about 20 times and that he did not realize that it left a bruise.” 

According to court documents, “(he) appeared remorseful and stated that he wanted help.”

He pleaded not guilty in Lewis County Superior Court on Feb. 17. 

Judge Joely A. O’Rourke approved a no-contact order with the victim and scheduled a trial setting hearing for March 11. 


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