Napavine, Toledo Girls Rise in Latest Power Rankings


The third iteration of our weekly power rankings feature the most movement yet, with upsets and huge matchups with big stakes galore. The Central 2B continues to be the hardest to judge, while the 2A Evergreen sees a big shake up on the boys side.

If you want to laugh at last week’s rankings, you can here.

2A Evergreen Conference — Boys

  1. Tumwater (—) (9-2, 6-0 2A EvCo): The T-Birds are continuing their perfect run through league, containing both Shelton and Centralia by double digits throughout the week before defeating 4A Skyview at home to round out their week.  
  2. Black Hills (+1) (8-5, 4-2 2A EvCo): The Wolves defeated Aberdeen on Thursday after a short layoff before defeating Oregon’s Valley Catholic on Saturday.  
  3. Shelton (+1) (5-5, 3-3 2A EvCo): In their first game since Dec. 22, the Highclimbers fell to Tumwater on Tuesday, before coming back to upset W.F. West on Thursday in their strongest win of the season.   
  4. W.F. West (-2) (5-5, 3-2 2A EvCo): Playing in just their second game in a month’s span, the Bearcats were shocked by an upstart Shelton squad on Thursday before dropping another matchup to 3A Kelso the next day. 
  5. Centralia (—) (5-7, 2-4 2A EvCo): The Tigers picked up their second league victory of the season, defeating Aberdeen to start the week, but fell to 1A King’s Way Christian and Tumwater to end the week on a two-game losing streak. 
  6. Rochester (—) (3-7, 1-3 2A EvCo): The Warriors have been on hiatus since Jan. 3.  
  7. Aberdeen (—) (1-9, 0-5 2A EvCo): The Bobcats lost both of their matchups this week, to Centralia and Black Hills. 

2A Evergreen Conference — Girls

  1. Tumwater (—) (12-1, 6-0 2A EvCo): The Thunderbirds beat yet another 4A contender in Camas to start their week before dispatching Shelton and Rochester in dominant fashion to round out the week.  
  2. W.F. West (—) (10-2, 5-1 2A EvCo): The Bearcats went 3-0 last week, with two league wins and a dub over 1A Klahowya to round out a strong seven days. 
  3. Black Hills (+2) (4-7, 3-4 2A EvCo): The Wolves went 2-1, defeating River Ridge by two points in a non-league victory before dropping a make-up game to W.F. West and then defeating Aberdeen to round out their week.
  4. Aberdeen (—) (5-4, 2-3 2A EvCo): The Bobcats beat Centralia in their first game since Dec. 17 before falling at the hands of Black Hills two days later.  
  5. Centralia (-2) (5-4, 3-2 2A EvCo): The Tigers went 0-2 last week, with losses to North Thurston on the road and to league rival Aberdeen at home. 
  6. Rochester (—) (2-7, 1-5 2A EvCo): Rochester won its first league game of the season against Shelton, before dropping matchups to W.F. West and Tumwater to close out the week. 
  7. Shelton (—) (0-9, 0-5 2A EvCo): The Highclimbers are still looking for their first win after losses to Rochester and Tumwater last week. 

1A Evergreen Conference — Boys

  1. Eatonville (—) (6-2, 2-0 1A Evergreen): The Cruisers dominated Montesano to stay unbeaten in league, before falling to Morton-White Pass in a non-league matchup to start the week. 
  2. Elma (+3) (3-4, 2-1 1A Evergreen): The Eagles beat both Montesano and Hoquiam to go above .500 in league play last week.
  3. Hoquiam (—) (4-6, 1-1 1A Evergreen): The Grizzlies defeated Tenino to open league play with a win, beat North Beach later in the week, but fell to Elma to open the first week of league play at .500.
  4. Tenino (-2) (5-5, 1-1 1A Evergreen): The Beavers were forced to postpone their matchup with Columbia Adventist, and fell in their only matchup last week to Hoquiam. 
  5. Montesano (-1) (1-10, 0-3 1A Evergreen): The Bulldogs continue to struggle, with back-to-back losses last week to Elma and Eatonville. 

1A Evergreen Conference — Girls

  1. Montesano (—) (10-1, 3-0 1A Evergreen): The Bulldogs picked up three wins last week, to Elma, Eatonville, and Hoquiam to move to 3-0 in league. 
  2. Tenino (—) (9-3, 1-0 1A Evergreen): The Beavers beat Hoquiam by nearly 40 to open league play with a win. 
  3. Elma (+1) (2-4, 1-1 1A Evergreen): The Eagles lost their first game of the week against Montesano before bouncing back to defeat Hoquiam on the road.
  4. Hoquiam (-1) (5-5, 0-3 1A Evergreen): The Grizzlies went 0-3 to open league play last week, losing to Tenino, Elma, and Montesano. 
  5. Eatonville (—) (0-5): The Cruisers dropped their only matchup last week to White River at home. 

Central 2B — Boys

  1. Kalama (+1) (8-1, 4-0 C2BL): The Chinooks had about as impressive of a week as you could have this time of year, defeated Morton-White Pass, Toledo, and Napavine all on the road in a five day span before finishing the week with a win over Muckleshoot Tribal.
  2. Napavine (-1) (8-2, 3-1 C2BL): The Tigers dropped a close contest with Kalama at home, but defeated Toutle Lake and Willapa Valley.
  3. Adna (—) (9-3, 3-1 C2BL): The Pirates went 2-0 last week with wins over Onalaska and Rainier, both at home. 
  4. Rainier (—) (7-3, 1-2 C2BL): The Mountaineers dropped their only game last week, an 8-point defeat to Adna on the road. 
  5. Wahkiakum (+3) (7-4, 2-1 C2BL): The Mules defeated Forks and then Toutle Lake last week.
  6. Toutle Lake (-1) (8-4, 2-3 C2BL): The Ducks lost to Napavine and Wahkiakum in back-to-back contests before finishing the week with a dominant win over Stevenson. 
  7. Morton-White Pass (—) (7-4, 2-1 C2BL): The Timberwolves lost to Kalama at home before defeating Winlock in their league matchups, and then beat 1A Eatonville on the road in a huge non-league matchup.
  8. Toledo (-2) (11-3, 2-2 C2BL): The Riverhawks fell to Kalama to start their week, but finished with two wins over Onalaska and Winlock. 
  9. Stevenson (+1) (2-5, 1-1 C2BL): The Bulldogs went 1-1 last week with a win over Winlock and a loss to Toutle Lake.
  10. Onalaska (-1) (1-7, 0-3 C2BL): The Loggers went 0-2 last week with losses to Adna and Toledo.
  11. Winlock (—) (0-11, 0-3 C2BL): The Cardinals are still searching for their first win after losses to Morton-White Pass and Stevenson last week. 

Central 2B — Girls

  1. Wahkiakum (—) (10-3, 4-0 C2BL): The Mules were perfect last week with dominant wins over Winlock and Toutle Lake. 
  2. Rainier (—) (9-3, 4-1 C2BL): The Mountaineers are one of the hottest teams in the league with back-to-back wins over Stevenson and Adna and are tied with the most wins in the C2BL.  
  3. Onalaska (—) (9-3, 3-1 C2BL): The Loggers went 2-0 last week with wins over Adna and Stevenson. 
  4. Toledo (+1) (7-2, 2-0 C2BL): The Riverhawks defeated Kalama in their only game last week. 
  5. Napavine (+1) (6-5, 2-1 C2BL): The Tigers bounced back after a short losing streak with two wins last week against Kalama and Toutle Lake. 
  6. Winlock (+1) (7-6, 2-3 C2BL): The Cardinals went 2-2 last week with wins over Morton-White Pass and Stevenson, and losses to Raymond and Wahkiakum.
  7. Adna (-3) (7-6, 2-2 2B C2BL): The Pirates went 0-2 last week with losses to Onalaska and Rainier, both on the road.
  8. Toutle Lake (—) (6-6, 1-3 2B C2BL): The Ducks lost to Napavine and Wahkiakum, before dispatching Stevenson at home.  
  9. Morton-White Pass (—) (3-5, 0-2 C2BL): The Timberwolves dropped their lone game last week to Winlock. 
  10. Stevenson (—) (2-7, 1-4 C2BL): The Bulldogs went 0-4 last week with losses to Rainier, Winlock, Onalaska, and Toutle Lake. 
  11. Kalama (—) (2-7, 0-3 C2BL): The Chinooks won their second game of the year against Columbia Adventist, but fell in two league contests to Toledo and Napavine. 

1B Columbia Valley — Boys

  1. Willapa Valley (—) (10-3, 5-0 1B CVL): The Vikings dispatched league foe Columbia Adventist easily before falling to 2B Napavine in a close shootout on Saturday. 
  2. Naselle (—) (7-6, 5-1 1B CVL): The Comets defeated Three Rivers Christian and Pe Ell, but fell to Raymond to close out their week.
  3. Mossyrock (—) (3-4, 1-1 1B CVL): The Vikings haven’t played since Jan. 8. 
  4. Firm Foundation (—) (2-2, 2-2 1B CVL): Firm Foundation has not played since its win over Pe Ell Dec. 16. 
  5. Columbia Adventist (—) (2-4, 2-3 1B CVL): Columbia Adventist fell to Willapa Valley and defeated Pe Ell last week. 
  6. Pe Ell (—) (4-7, 1-5 1B CVL): The Trojans beat Three Rivers Christian but fell to Columbia Adventist and Naselle. 
  7. Three Rivers Christian (—) (3-6, 0-5 1B CVL): The Eagles are still looking for their first league win. 

1B Columbia Valley — Girls

  1. Mossyrock (—) (6-2, 2-0 1B CVL): The Vikings haven’t played since Jan. 8. 
  2. Naselle (—) (7-4, 3-1 1B CVL): The Comets picked up one win last week against Three Rivers Christian. 
  3. Willapa Valley (—) (5-6, 2-1 1B CVL): The Vikings haven’t played since Jan. 8. 
  4. Columbia Adventist (—) (3-3, 1-2 1B CVL): Columbia Adventist has not played since Jan. 3. 
  5. Three Rivers Christian (—) (2-7, 0-4 1B CVL): The Eagles are still looking for their first league win.